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Lag Rag was easy to use and possibly overuse

A Review On: Lag Rag

Lag Rag

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Pros: quick to install, stays on club well, creates good drag

Cons: DVD is basically a instructional dvd .. May be good for beginners

The lagrag itself is a good resistance mechanism to help build muscle, get the feel of club lag and may help build speed with driver. I am not sure at what cost this may come. Most folks will need to make sure they do not overdo using the lagrag for they may either sustain overuse injury at first or may get out of their normal swing. The DVD does have some drills to help folks with hooks and slices. As I am not afflicted with those issues, I am not able to address how well the drills work. I do know that I had to make sure I throttled back to my normal tempo as the Lag Rag had me overswing my driver causing me to revert to a horrid slice. Used judiciously, there is a place for the Lag Rag.. Used slowly and in moderation, it is a good warm up tool. Used over time, I believe strength will be built. I have not seen an appreciable gain in distance yet but to be fair, I have also been a major weight loss campaign over the last 5 months so... The key factor as to whether I would spend money to buy this would be the price point. The DVD is home made and shows it but I think that is appropiate to keep the ocsts down. I do not think this product needs a slick DVD to get the message across. Bottom line... The price will dictate any success this item has in the marketplace.













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