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Lamkin Crossline Oversize +1/8 Grip

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Pros: Consistently Tacky and Long Life Grip

Cons: None

The Lamkin Crossline grip has been a mainstay of recreational and tour golfers for years.  The oversize (+1/8") grip is great for those with large hands or those with arthritis who can't grip the club as well as they once could.  I put the oversize Crosslines on all of my clubs and immediately noticed that they were tacky and comfortable to the touch for my arthritic hands. I'm still using the grips today that I bought in 2011 and they are showing next to no signs of wear.  I'd call their feel "medium firm" as there are softer grips out there but these grips have stood the test of time for me and once cleaned (if they get perspiration or body oils on them) return to a state very close to their original feel.  It's a really good grip to consider for anyone who needs to invest in larger grips, and one that sells for a bargain price compared to some others on the market.

Lamkin Crossline Oversize +1/8 Grip

Lamkin Crossline Oversize +1/8 Round Grip Lamkin Crossline grips have a soft, more sensitive rubber compound that lets you grip the club lighter, reducing forearm stress for a more effective swing. Its distinctive pattern moves to the right, stabilizing the hands at impact for less torque and increased control.

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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Clubs › Grips › Lamkin Crossline Oversize +1/8 Grip