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Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Grips

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Grips


Pros: Simple in looks, great feel, constant control

Cons: none

The first thing I did once I found out that I would be getting these Lamkin Grips to try out was to go to the Lamkin website.  I found that they have a very useful tool for determining grip size.  I have been experimenting for the past few months with grips between standard and mid-size.  I was in the process of getting ready to build up standard grips as the midsize grips I was trying were a tad too bulky for me  Lo and behold the sizing tool told me to with standard w/two wraps. 


After installing the grips with two wraps, I headed to the range.  The clubs I used for this experiment as one of my sets of Mizunos (MP-32 as they have the most feeling and feedback to me).  I did not regrip my driver as I just got a new Ping Anser with a Lamkin 3Gen grip already installed (standard with a single wrap)..  I took the clubs out to the range for an extended trial on the pre-holiday Thursday and gave each club a good workout.  I thing singled out the 7-iron and used it for all drills and probably hit a few hundred balls with just that club. I did not towel the club off until after the session. At the end of the session, the grip was starting to get a little slick but a quick cleaning refreshed them nicely. 


I have always played without a glove.  I played with the grips on the clubs for three rounds over the long weekend (with first place $$ in the 2 day ringer thank you very much). I also kept the clubs in a hot car that got extremely hot during the day while I was not playing so I could see if anything might happen, which did not. (but 3 days a summer does not make)   The days were quite humid.  I intentionally never toweled the grips during the round and never once felt like I was not fully in control. Surely once I start toweling them off more often they will be even tackier.  As can be expected, it is too early to tell how long this outstanding performance will last.   


Today I was on the range 3 separate times and once again just focused on the seven iron working of some various different drills..I probably hit 300-400 balls and am feeling it at the moment.  The grip never faltered and felt connected all the time.   (one of the things I was working on was staying connected to the club with the flat left wrist (you are welcome Five Simple Keys)..)  As part of this for me requires a firm connection between wrist/hand/club I am quite aware of my connection to the grip. This Lamkin grip met and surpassed my expectations.  I did what I wanted without getting in the way or without distracting me as some of the softer grips with more give tend to do.


One unexpected treat for me was the white cap on the grip.  I have always been subject to pulling the wrong club from the bag as I tend to look away after spotting the club I want.  Every few rounds the wrong club ends up in my hand and as a result I do not hit the distance I want.  I can now use a couple of different colored sharpies to put a small number/reminder on the endcap that I can take a quick peek to make sure I have the right club.  I discovered this on a set of white tipped Lamkins I have on my wedges where I put a small mark to let me know that I indeed have the 54 degree in my hand.  (I had not marked them when I took the picture).


All in all, these grips are here to stay.  Plain and simple, they do the job. They are plain and simple in looks and quite utilitarian. I have not had a chance to play in the rain or with rain gloves but if a problem were to surface, I will update review although I doubt that will be needed.  The only drawback now is that I will have to get my other two sets regripped with these grips.  The main factor that can’t test at the moment is how the grips stand up over time and lots of use.  I would expect that these days most grip companies have solved the durability issue and will report back if anything arises unexpectedly on this issue.


Bottom line.. These work quite well and feel quite natural to my ungloved hand.  I will spring for some more of them in various colors (which will further aid me in pulling the right clubs J


Pros: Tackiness, the right level of softness, PRICE

Cons: red cap? potential wear?

I had been struggling finding a new grip for my driver. The new decades worked well but seemed to wear quickly. They also were a bit too hard. I then made the mistake of trying the Boccerri Secret Grip. I hear it works for some people but for me it took all the feeling out of the club. I think they also cost me distance. I even tried removing the weight from the rear of the grip. Totally not for me. Tried a oversized Lamkin 3Gen Crossline. Still not for me... especially the oversized part. Finally I found the Lamkin 3Gen Ace Wrap. Absolutely the right feel for me. The part I like most is the way the pointer finger on my right hand fits into the groove of the wrap. Between the softness of the wrap and the groove I feel connected to the club. Distance has increased by 10 yards maybe more. I actually feel like I can swing faster and more accurately. My only fear is the grip will wear quickly. After only a week I can already see where my hands sit on the club.


Pros: Great feel; tacky; will work in damp conditions

Cons: Dirty endcaps

The Lamkin REL 3GEN is a great, medium firm grip that works well in wet conditions, with or without a glove. It incorporates the best aspects of the supersoft/tacky grip technologies without feeling squishy.


I bought the REL 3GENs based mostly on reviews from this forum.  After playing with them for 2 months, I have to emphatically agree with the positive reviews here.  Simply stated, this is the best grip I've ever owned.


I think the best way to describe these grips is to lay out what I've disliked about grips I've played in the past.

--Lamkin Crossline: A solid, stable, firm-feeling grip, but lots of slippage in wet conditions.

--Golf Pride tour velvet: also a good feeling grip, but still no traction in wet conditions.

--Winn dri-tac:  great traction in wet conditions, but too squishy--feels as if the club could twist at impact because the grip gives too much.  I'm sure that's not the case, but feeling is a lot in golf.

--Victory full cord:  great in wet conditions, but they absolutely shred your hands.

--New Decade multi-compound:  all around a very, very good grip, but crazy expensive and don't last very long.


So, from the above, you can see that I'm looking for a grip with a firm feel, not too rough on the hands, adequate traction in wet conditions, and decent value for the money.  I'm willing to re-grip every year, but not at $10/grip.  The REL 3GEN is the best grip I've ever found to fit these qualities.


Let's start with feel.  The feel is soft at the surface, but doesn't give the way some of the modern gimmicked grips do (I'm thinking primarily Winn, which seems to lead the charge in squishy no-glove style grips).  You can use these with or without a glove, I think, without much problem.  Mild dampening on off-center hits.  They definitely feel softer than the Crossline, but toe-hits off of range mats in 40-degree weather will leave you screaming for mommy (as I found out a few times during my trip last week to Missouri).


And on to traction.  Again, these have excellent traction.  Honestly, at first grip, they don't grab onto your hand the way some grips do (thinking New Decade or other cord grips).  But, take a few swings and you'll see that the club is firmly anchored in your hands--not a hint of twisting or slipping.  Living in Hawaii, it's rare to play golf when it's not either raining intermittently or very humid, so I'm constantly rubbing my grips with a towel.  The 3GENs grip slightly better than a Tour Velvet when damp, and slightly worse than a New Decade. However, rubbing the grip with a towel for about 5 seconds is akin to wrapping it in duct tape.  These are the most secure wet-weather grips I've ever played.  I've played about 10 rounds with these since purchasing, including rounds in the rain and some of the most humid days of the year (the humid season in Hawaii ends late September, and the rainy season begins).  I haven't hit a single shot that I felt was affected by an unsecure grip; typically I have at least two such shots when playing in damp conditions.


So, what's bad about these grips?  Well, I'm not entirely pleased with the aesthetics, but it was likely the color choice.  I chose grey (boring, right?), and the dull grey grip contrasting against the shiny steel shaft just looks dull.  The grey looks even more dull when wrapped around the shiny black shaft of my driver and 3-wood.  Fortunately, Lamkin offers the grip in an array of colors, including white and basic black--for my next re-grip, I think I'll go with one or the other of those options.


The white endcaps also tend to get a little dirty, but that doesn't bother me much.


I never really thought much about grips until last summer.  I completely re-tooled my bag last year, and I had stock grips on the different clubs I purchased so I got to really feel the difference.  I was simultaneously playing Tour Velvet (Titleist woods and wedges), Crossline (AP2 irons), and New Decade (Adams hybrids).  Overall I liked the New Decade best, but they were showing signs of wear after about 5 months, and at $10/grip I'm going to need a little more longevity than that.  


What the Lamkin REL 3GEN has given me is the best aspects of all of these grips at a very reasonable price of around $6/grip.  2 months isn't really long enough to tell how durable they are, but they still look fantastic.  I've played them in conditions ranging from high 80s and extremely humid, rainy conditions, and 40-degrees with blustery winds, and the grip performed well in all conditions (it's slightly dampening, but will not prevent the sting of a mis-hit in cold weather).  


I'm an extremely satisfied customer, and I will definitely be re-gripping with 3GENs next spring.


Pros: Looks, Feel, Tackiness

Cons: Almost too tacky!? Hard to believe I'm saying that!!!

I'm writing about Lamkin's 2012, R.E.L. 3GEN golf grips.  These are the latest golf grips from Lamkin which feature a synthetic rubber compound, and have a minimalist look and feel.  The timing of receiving these grips was perfect, as I was in the market for replacing the Winn Dri-Tac's that I've used since last Fall 2011.


Specifications that adhere to a Winning Formula


First lets start with the specification of the R.E.L. 3GEN grip.  The standard grip size is .600" round, and 52g in weight.  In comparison to the Winn Dri-Tac's standard 5DT-DG is also a .600" round, but weighs in at 48g.  So the Lamkin's are a tad heavier.  


The weight delta between the Lamkin R.E.L 3GEN's and the Winn Dri-Tac was the first thing I noticed when I started to swing my clubs at the range.  The weight increase was subtle, but I could feel it for sure.  For me, that was a welcomed change - as my irons feel rock solid now.  And more importantly, my RBZ Tour 3W, a club I've struggled to hit consistently as of late felt much better.  That extra 4g of weight just makes the club feel like I have control of the clubface... That was one of my beefs with my RBZ Tour 3W - was that the club felt too light in my hand.  And would often times find myself over swinging the club.  Now it feels better... It is amazing what 4g of counter weight (grip) can do for feel.


I'd say Lamkin has shined in this catergory - but sticking with a specification that has proven to work - and not tried to follow other manufacturers who are trying to experiment with lighter and lighter grip materials.


Looks that could Kill


Here in 2012 - many golf companies have began to offer golfers various color options to help accessorize and express themselves via their gear and equipment.  Lamkin has followed suit offering the R.E.L. 3GEN grips in ten different color options.  Looking at the options, I went with the minimalist look of flat black with a white end cap - polished off with the classic cursive Lamkin logo in white.  These grips look legit - especially when you see them paired with my Black and White Adidas Tour AG stand bag.  Nice and clean! f1_cool.gif



Material Equates to Premium Feel


The rubber compound found on the Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN's is pretty special when it comes to feel.  Given I find myself often practicing at the range - hitting off driving range mats... One of the major things I like about these grips is the dampening of shock and vibration that the rubber material provides.  Even off of turf - the club doesn't give back any of those nasty vibrations on a miss hit.  But the rubber compound is unique in that it isn't so much of a dampener that it mutes the feel so much that you can't feel an off center hit.  So as a serious golfer, who wants to know where you made contact, Lamkin has got it right with the R.E.L. 3GEN's.  You'll know when you hit it off the heel or toe - versus an on center strike... And the best part, you won't have to worry about paying for the miss hit by having your hand ache for the next 5 minutes.


The Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN's also have a nice tacky feel.  In particular, I don't use a golf glove when I play.  So I need a grip that won't slip in my hand.  And having a grip that is secure - even in hot humid - or damp weather is extremely important to me.  I've played in temperatures nearing 100 degrees with these grips - and haven't experienced any issues with the club slipping in my hand.  In fact, I've experienced the opposite.  The grips almost feel glued to my skin - and I did receive a nasty blister on my left index finger.  Something that will heal - but it is interesting how these grips feel like they are laminated to my palms/fingers as I swing the club.


Lasting Impression

Lamkin has made a very nice golf grip in the R.E.L. 3GEN.  And for a $5 grip... It is a steal.  I'd highly recommend them as your next golf grip.


Pros: Tacky, soft but firm, shock absorbing

Cons: none



This is a good looking grip. Comes in lots of colors but I'm more or a traditionalist so I just have the basic black. The pattern is quite different from the flagship Crossline grip that I've played off and on for years. Interestingly the pattern is not nearly as deep on the 3Gen as it is on the Crossline






This grip feels amazing. Soft but firm and very tacky. When I put the grips on (I blow my grips on with an air compressor) I had a little trouble getting them started because the grip is so tacky. On the course the grip stays firmly in place with minimum grip pressure.  An added benefit is the grip's shock absorbing ability - definitely takes the sting out of those occasional mishits.




I've got three rounds and a range session on these grips and so far there is no signs of wear. The grips clean up easily with a little soap and water and should easily last a season or two with an occasional cleaning.


Bottom Line


This is a great grip at a very reasonable price. If you like a grip with a bit of give and a tacky feel this is the grip for you.


A small confession - For the last couple of years I've played a variety of "bargain" grips and rarely pay more than a couple of bucks per grip (yes, I'm "frugal" aka cheap!). Well, the old saying "you get what you pay for" is certainly true when it comes to grips. At $6 a grip the 3GEN is an outstanding value that even this cheapskate will gladly pay extra for. I really had no idea what I was missing playing the low cost grips but Lamkin has opened my eyes. You definitely get what you pay for and this grip is a bargain at $6.


Pros: Great feel, Great price, Great looks

Cons: None





These things are beautiful! They look great with the White ferule on most of my clubs, it makes me want to do a re-shaft just so I can put white ferrules on the woods to complete the set.  The colors are bright and deep. The quality and care put into these grips jumps out just from looking at them.


Check Pattern


The pattern is new, and in my opinion improves the feel over the classic crossline. The new pattern feels great, provides the increased surface area for grip, and is less mentally intrusive than the crossline pattern.




I just have to say wow! Whatever they put in the new compound to make it feel so soft and responsive they should just keep on doing what they are doing. While I have moved towards firming grips and cord grips. I am in love with the feel of these new grips.  It took some getting used to but the softer feel  let me loosen my grip. I liked the feel a whole lot.  I hit roughly 500 balls with my 7 iron with dirty hands and no glove and they started to get a little slick. I wiped them down with soap and water and they were as tacky as when  they came in the box.  I’m very pleased with the quality of the compound.




Since the nice people at Lamkin were nice enough to give me 13 grips (12 standard size 1 pink undersize that went on the Driver, I thought it was appropriate),On Golfworks.com these grips are 5.13 a grip, the Crossline is 4 bucks a grip, and the Multi Compound decade is 10 dollars a grip,. The R.E.L grips performed just as well for me as the Decades have. 




I have to wait a bunch of rounds and practice to comment on this one, but I hope they are as durable as the crosslines, which you can still get great  tack out of after a long time of use.


So far I have no complaints switching to the Lamkin R.E.L Grips, Time will tell but I like them enough to give my Golf pride Decades a sabbatical in the workshop. I will update as more rounds are played.

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Grips

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Black Standard Grip with White Cap The Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Black Standard Grip is Lamkin s latest premium grip for all woods and irons that combines revolutionary 3GEN synthetic rubber compound material with R.E.L. s minimal surface pattern design, creating one of the most advanced grips on the market. Both of these aspects together gracefully allow the golfer to apply very light grip pressure and gain more control of the club throughout the golf swing. 3GEN s advanced synthetic rubber compound reduces impact jolts without dulling shot feel -- producing a smooth, single-strike impact. The minimal surface pattern helps maximize surface area contact with the hands, providing enough pattern for comfort and a loads of tackiness - thus reducing the tension necessary to maintain control through swing and impact. That helps reduce player fatigue and promote an ideal grip position to hit the ball longer, faster and with more accuracy. The 3GEN material features a vastly improved resistance to environmental aging and weathering factors. The material will not absorb any moisture and its tackiness is activated by toweling off the grip or using a light abrasive brush. It continually performs better if it s cleaned regularly. Features: Core size: .600 Round Nominal Weight: 52 grams

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