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Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Grip Review

A Review On: Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Grips

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Grips

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Pros: Simple in looks, great feel, constant control

Cons: none

The first thing I did once I found out that I would be getting these Lamkin Grips to try out was to go to the Lamkin website.  I found that they have a very useful tool for determining grip size.  I have been experimenting for the past few months with grips between standard and mid-size.  I was in the process of getting ready to build up standard grips as the midsize grips I was trying were a tad too bulky for me  Lo and behold the sizing tool told me to with standard w/two wraps. 


After installing the grips with two wraps, I headed to the range.  The clubs I used for this experiment as one of my sets of Mizunos (MP-32 as they have the most feeling and feedback to me).  I did not regrip my driver as I just got a new Ping Anser with a Lamkin 3Gen grip already installed (standard with a single wrap)..  I took the clubs out to the range for an extended trial on the pre-holiday Thursday and gave each club a good workout.  I thing singled out the 7-iron and used it for all drills and probably hit a few hundred balls with just that club. I did not towel the club off until after the session. At the end of the session, the grip was starting to get a little slick but a quick cleaning refreshed them nicely. 


I have always played without a glove.  I played with the grips on the clubs for three rounds over the long weekend (with first place $$ in the 2 day ringer thank you very much). I also kept the clubs in a hot car that got extremely hot during the day while I was not playing so I could see if anything might happen, which did not. (but 3 days a summer does not make)   The days were quite humid.  I intentionally never toweled the grips during the round and never once felt like I was not fully in control. Surely once I start toweling them off more often they will be even tackier.  As can be expected, it is too early to tell how long this outstanding performance will last.   


Today I was on the range 3 separate times and once again just focused on the seven iron working of some various different drills..I probably hit 300-400 balls and am feeling it at the moment.  The grip never faltered and felt connected all the time.   (one of the things I was working on was staying connected to the club with the flat left wrist (you are welcome Five Simple Keys)..)  As part of this for me requires a firm connection between wrist/hand/club I am quite aware of my connection to the grip. This Lamkin grip met and surpassed my expectations.  I did what I wanted without getting in the way or without distracting me as some of the softer grips with more give tend to do.


One unexpected treat for me was the white cap on the grip.  I have always been subject to pulling the wrong club from the bag as I tend to look away after spotting the club I want.  Every few rounds the wrong club ends up in my hand and as a result I do not hit the distance I want.  I can now use a couple of different colored sharpies to put a small number/reminder on the endcap that I can take a quick peek to make sure I have the right club.  I discovered this on a set of white tipped Lamkins I have on my wedges where I put a small mark to let me know that I indeed have the 54 degree in my hand.  (I had not marked them when I took the picture).


All in all, these grips are here to stay.  Plain and simple, they do the job. They are plain and simple in looks and quite utilitarian. I have not had a chance to play in the rain or with rain gloves but if a problem were to surface, I will update review although I doubt that will be needed.  The only drawback now is that I will have to get my other two sets regripped with these grips.  The main factor that can’t test at the moment is how the grips stand up over time and lots of use.  I would expect that these days most grip companies have solved the durability issue and will report back if anything arises unexpectedly on this issue.


Bottom line.. These work quite well and feel quite natural to my ungloved hand.  I will spring for some more of them in various colors (which will further aid me in pulling the right clubs J


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