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Leupold GX 1 Digital Rangefinder


Pros: Small, very easy to use, light.

Cons: Noise, hard to see

I was resistant to rangefinders for a long time, foolishly thinking that GPS was the way to go.  I thought that I'd have too much trouble with blind shots, or thought that I'd have trouble using the rangefinder.  I was wrong.  It is sooooooooooooo easy to use, especially in scan mode, that I know exactly what my distance is.  With GPS, I could get pretty close by guesstimating the location of the flag on the green and interpolating between front and middle, or middle and back.  But I could never know exactly what that distance was.  Plus, most greens aren't perfect squares or circles, so that tiny bit of doubt left in your head after using a GPS is no longer.


It has taken a couple of rounds to get comfortable in how to hold it steady, but it has become pretty simply, pretty quickly.  It will shoot anything you aim at, so you have the power to pick out the flag, the lip of a bunker, hills, people, whatever.  It also has a "lock" feature that will beep at you whenever you pick up the flag (assuming your course has flagsticks with prisms) while using it in scan mode.  This is handy when you are faced with features beyond the green.  The beep lets you know its definitely the flag and not that tree behind that it picked up.  On the other hand, I've found that it's not that difficult to pick up flags without prisms either.  When in scan mode, just keep an eye on the readings.  You'll know you are about 160-170 out from course markers, so when it flashes 210,200,205, 166, 205 ... you know that 166 is your number.


And those readings come quick too.  There is very little lag time.  Press the button, and boom, theres your number.  Besides scan mode (which is just holding the button down and allowing it to give repeated readings) there is the one touch mode too.  Point, press the button, read the number.


I've also found it easier to use little tricks like shooting the guys putting while you are waiting.  I can see this guy is putting towards me, so this number will be a little long.  I can see that guy is standing near the front edge of the green, etc, etc.  All of this information adds up to extra confidence for me.


The one thing I don't like about this rangefinder is that when it locks on the flag, it beeps.  I would prefer it vibrate like the Bushnells, because I don't want to have to check and see if my playing partner is about to swing while I'm getting the distance and I don't want to distract him.  The upside though, versus the Bushnell v3, is that it only locks on the flag.  The v3 (I used a friends for a few holes the other day) appears to lock on other features as well.  This seems like it would be hard to differentiate between the flag and something behind it.


Lastly, I wish the thing wasn't black.  It would be harder to lose if it came in a bold colors.


But, all in all, I really could not be happier with this rangefinder.  It didn't hurt that I got it on sale (Christmas time) form the regular price of $299.  I have only owned it for about 2 months and 4 or 5 rounds, so I will come back and update this review once I have more info on the battery life.  So far so good.


Pros: Small, easy to use, accurate

Cons: >$300, fog mode not very helpful

I received the GX-1 as a gift for the start of the season.  The unit is very accurate and easy to use.  As was indicated in the Sand Trap Review, the best way to use the GX-1 is in scan mode.  On the tee, I scan the fairway for hazards to help club selection.  Holding down the button give the user a continuous readout of distances. 


When approaching the green, you get a read on distance to the flag, traps, and front of green.  You also get a great view of the flag location with respect to the slope and ridges in the green, which is very helpful.


Prism lock is a great feature that I only got to use once at a private course.  It locks in the distance to the pin very fast.


The unit is small and will fit in the side pocket of cargo shorts.  I mostly keep it in the felt lined pocket of my bag.  Some other golfers in my league seemed a bit put off at first when I used it.  But after a few holes, they were asking for distances.  It is a great tool for improving your game and scores.


The only down side for me was the fog mode (only tried it once).  For some reason, the unit worked better without it on the one day I played in the fog.


I haven't tried other units on the course, but have looked at them in stores.  Most are very good units.  I liked this one the best for the view field size and graphics.


Update: October 26, 2013


I have been using the  Leupold GX 1 since 2010.  After my last battery change (they last most of the season), I started having display issues.  I called Leupold and they told me to mail it back.  After a few days, I called back and they told me that they were inspecting it and either they would repair or give me a chance to buy a new unit at reduced pricing.


Instead, Leupold sent me a brand new GX-1i at no charge.  I was pleasantly surprised!  All the staff I spoke with at Leupold were friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend them as a company.  Service like this will keep me as a loyal customer.

Leupold GX 1 Digital Rangefinder

Leupold GX 1 Digital Rangefinder Leupold s GX Series of Digital Rangefinders are feature-rich and precision engineered to provide reliable distance readings on the course so you can take the guesswork out of your club selections and swing. The GX 1 Digital Rangefinder is Leupold s most basic model, but provides plenty of distance-finding technology in this small package. Pinhunter technology is Leupold s proprietary laser beam geometry that separates returned background readings from target readings to ensure you re getting the right reading to the right target. Scan mode allows you to hold down the power button to gather multiple readings in one quick sweep. As an added benefit on courses with prism technology, the GX-1 will beep and freeze the display the moment you scan a prism-topped flagstick, assuring you of an accurate pin reading. The optical system combines precision glass with a cutting-edge coating technology and rugged structural components. Looking through the viewfinder, you ll see seven selectable aiming reticules and distance readings in either yards or meters. The GX-1 s maximum range is 750 yards, or 686 meters with an accurate pin range of 350 yards or 318 meters. The batter supports thousands of actuations and the built-in indicator will let you know when the battery life is low. The whole unit is only 6.8 ounces and is durable enough to hold up to just about any weather condition you ll run into on the course. The GX-1 makes for a great entry-level unit in Leupold s attractive digital rangefinder line. Additional Features: The optical system combines precision glass, cutting-edge coating technology and rugged structural components Maginification; 6x 7 selectable aiming reticles Measurements in either yards or meters Maximum range: 750 yards/675 meters Reflective target range: 600 yards/550 yards Pin range: 350 yards/318 meters Battery life: Thousands of Actuations Low battery indicator Weight: 6.8 oz Weatherproof

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