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The Quintessential Golf Book!!

A Review On: Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

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Pros: Based on Facts, Easy to Read, Concise, Creative

Cons: None

First and foremost, this book is not your typical golf instruction book. Though it does touch on all the aspects of the golf swing, but it does so briefly as to start you on the right path. Really you can't teach a golf swing through a book. Believe me, I read and own many golf instructional books, and they have done little to improve my golf swing. What improves a golf swing is a good instructor. What the "Lowest Score Wins" does it give you insight on what is true about the golf swing, and the game of golf. It starts to point you in the right direction for improving your game.


Where this book really shines is in the last two sections of the book. First is on how to build a practice plan based on what aspects of the game are most significant to scoring. This is done through a rating system called "Separation Value." The book will also tell you how to partition practice time based on if you have a glaring weakness, or if you just to need to generally improve all aspects of your game. "Lowest Score Wins" will enlighten you to what is really important about the game of golf, as well as provide some simple and practical drills to improve many aspects of your own game.


I think a section any golfer needs to read is on putting. I truly believe that amateurs hold PGA Tour professionals to an extremely high standard when it comes to putting ability. In this book you will learn that PGA tour players do not hold a glaring edge of amateurs on the putting green. Would you rather take a PGA tour player on a putting challenge or a 175 yard shot from the middle of the fairway "closest to the hole" challenge? In the book "Lowest Score Wins" is some great insight on how to read putts from a new perspective, as well as what type of putts you should be practicing, including some really good practical drills for improving your putting.


Now for the section that I think will revolutionize how people go about playing a golf course is on how to Game Plan. Through a simple, yet intuitive method, a person can create a game plan for any situation they encounter on the golf course. Based on the golfer's shot dispersion as well as the golf course design, "Lowest Score Wins" gives you a visually simple yet very powerful tool to make your way around the golf course. Also on how to handle some more specific situations, like should you play a bunker shot towards the pin or off to the side.


Overall this is not your typical golf book. Through meticulous research and testing the authors of this book have created something very special. This book has a wealth of information to it that I will be reading it a few times more, and for as long as I play golf. I believe that this book should be owned by any golfer who seriously wants to improve their game NOW!! This is the quintessential book about the game of golf.


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