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A Review On: Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

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Pros: Easy and enjoyable to read. Not based on opinion, and backed up by statistics and real world applications.

Cons: Requires some homework, but don't worry, you will enjoy this homework.

This book gets right to the heart of the matter in golf... SCORING. It is well written and backed up by statistics, not personal opinion. The stats from touring pros and low handicappers are quite eye opening. There is not a shred of fluff in this book that you often find in other golf books. It busts some popular myths about the game and is enjoyable to read. It has a common sense approach to improving your game with both long term and short term tools to shave strokes. Who doesn't want to shoot lower scores?! To often, golfers go to the course or practice facility without a plan, or even worse, a bad plan. Lowest Score Wins teaches you how to develop a solid plan for improving your swing, short game, and course management. Concepts are presented in a way that anyone can understand. You don't need to have a bunch of knowledge going in. Golf is hard, but shooting lower scores doesn't have to be.


I am a golf book junkie and can say that this is the best golf book I've ever put my eyes on. Anyone who plays this game is missing out if they don't read this book AND do what it says. If you want to be a average hacker, don't buy this book. If you want knowledge and motivation to improve your overall game and improve your scores, don't hesitate to get this book. It is truly unique in the world of golf books.


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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Training Aids › Books › Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik) › Reviews › CarlSpackler's Review