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Excellent Book on Techniques and Strategies to Improve your scoring immediately and improve your game long term

A Review On: Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

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Pros: Clear, concise and well written. Explains what to practice and why and how to map our your game plan for courses.

Cons: Needs an index for easy reference back to sections.

I supported this project because I have read a lot of instructional golf books, but they are always missing something.  Namely, how can I score better with the game I have now?  Most golf books tell you how to improve some aspect of the game such as short game, putting, full swing etc.  Some of them are very good, but the authors either focus only on their areas for expertise, or what they feel is important, Utley, Pelz, Stockton, etc.  Others are usually a great pro talking of their approach to the game with Hogan, Nicklaus, Woods, Floyd coming to mind.  I enjoyed these books, but I am always looking for more.


Lowest Score Wins (LSW) takes a different approach.  The authors Erik Barzeski and Dave Wedzik identify what really separates higher and lower scores.  What can turn three shots into two, quoting the great Bobby Jones.  The authors introduce their concept of Separation Value, a measure of a skill's potential to lower your score.  Using statistics from both PGA pros and amateurs from their own testing, the authors identify exactly what skills are most important and which ones you can devote the least time to improve your game and scores.  The authors go on the tell the reader how they determine Separation Value using SCOR, four factors: how many strokes you can save in a round (S), what is the ceiling of ability improvement (C), how many opportunities you may have in a round (O) and related skills you can practice that can serve to cover this skill (R).


The book then is divided in to three sections, Techniques & Equipment, Building a Practice Plan and Building Your Game Plan.  Or to paraphrase; what skills are the most important to improve upon to lower your score, how to practice them to get better and how to use your current skill level to improve your scores today.  I won't go into detail on these because you really should read the book.


Overall, the book is easy to read, well laid out and has some humor to break the intensity.  I met both Erik and Dave at a clinic in Massachusetts back in 2010.  What impressed me most about their teaching methods is they told you why and not just how.  Most instructors say "do it this way" but never tell or really understand why it works.  Erik and Dave took the time with their students to explain why golf shots fly the way they do and why practicing a certain way will help.  Lowest Score Wins goes into much more detail and I highly recommend it as a must read for every golfer who wants to improve.


 I have tagged my copy for quick reference.  Now the rest us up to me.



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