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If you are buying one golf book, get Lowest Score Wins. This book will lower your scores.

A Review On: Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

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Pros: Covers a lot of areas, it will lower your scores, easy to read and revise, to the point and based on facts and statistics, a book for everyone

I was a excited when I found this book in my mail. On the back, it says "We show you the new way to shoot lower scores - immediately." As a cynic and critic, I must admit that it's a bold statement. I haven't been able to go out the next day and shoot lower scores after reading many of the other books.


I've read a few books on golf through the years. Most on the swing, some on the short game and putting, some which focus on specifics of the swing, but this book takes on some different aspects.


The Separation Value system is a new term for me, but the principles are stuff I've read about in here before. It is a pretty important aspect of golf. You want to shoot lower scores, but where should you dedicate your time and focus? The book makes a solid point in guiding you to where you should focus your attention, and how much time you really should spent on fairway bunker shots. The system is used throughout the book, making it easy to see how it works.


The technique chapters are largely based on 5SK, including some info on drives, chips, bunkers, putts etc. It gives you a good introduction to the 5 Simple Keys, but doesn't go too far in-depth. They rather recommend you check out the 5SK website, with more information. I think this is a good move. The technical aspects of the swing is obviously a big part in shooting lower scores, and I belive video works better than words there. This is also elements that often takes a longer time to get working. If you combine this book with the 5SK material, you got all you need to improve.


The chapter about advancing your ball is pretty good stuff. I had two eagle attempts (one birdie, one par) on today's 9 holes because of that chapter. Read it, then read it again.


The chapters dedicated to putting gives you all the technical tips you'll need, some statistics and data. There are some nuggets in there which a lot of us amateurs out there could improve greatly from. I kept a certain putting tip in my head when putting today and my speed was a lot better than before.


Towards the end, a lot of pages are dedicated to Building Your Gameplan, which was one of my favorite parts of the book. I don't think I've come across that way of planning your game before. Once you've read it, you probably think it sounds pretty logical, but is that how you really play? I haven't been able to find my shot zones yet, but it is definitely something I'll try to do.


I could write a lot about this book, but I don't want to put half the book out there. I really, really like this book. I would not hesitate in recommending this book for anyone out there who plays golf. And it truly is a book for everyone, as it covers a large area of topics. It covers a lot of aspects in golf and gives you to the point information, but doesn't drag out with page after page on details. Some of the chapters give you the short version of the topic, and give you directions to where you can find more. But it still doesn't feel too short or that there is stuff missing.


Everything is based on facts. It's based on statistics and hard data from Tiger Woods and the PGA Pros to your random weekend hacker. Anyone familiar with TheSandTrap and 5 Simple Keys should not be surprised here. Erik and Dave base a lot of their teachings on statistics and facts, which is what makes this such a good book. You don't have to wonder if what they are talking about is correct or not. They are showing you that this is in fact how it works. I especially enjoy that they have taken the time to record data from amateurs to use in their work.


I read the book in 4 hours and it's easy to revise chapters if you want to. I literally went out and played my best 9 holes so far this year after reading it.


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