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Lower your scores by reading this book!

A Review On: Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

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Ease of Use
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Pros: Easy to understand, quick to read and will improve your game.

Cons: None about the book, but some players may not follow through with the advice and their practice. Make notes and follow it.

This is the most comprehensive golf strategy book out there.  I am already saving strokes on the course, and can’t wait to read the book a second time to see what I may have missed and reinforce what I have learned. 


This book does an exceptional job of letting the player know how to prioritize their practice by giving various aspects of the game a rated Separation Value, how to manage your misses and how to use Decision Maps to select the right shot in any situation.  It goes on to provide preparation advice for competitive golf and dispels a number of the myths of golf we have thought were true for years through verified statistics. 


This book is a must read for every golfer serious about improving their game.   This book takes what other statistical books have failed to do and has given us a practical application for game improvement.  If you follow through with what it says, your game will surely improve.   


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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Training Aids › Books › Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik) › Reviews › cipher's Review