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My favorite Golf discovery book!

A Review On: Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

Lowest Score Wins (Barzeski/Wedzik)

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Pros: Perspective, nuts and bolts, detailed math, absolutely nothing missed

Cons: It does not play golf for you

The most powerful concept in the book - treating every golf hole as an independent unit and treating its scoring methodology as an algorithm. The variables of the algorithm (driving, approach, pitching, chipping, putting) are assigned relative weight - something very cleverly and effectively dubbed separation value. Mathematicians would call it co-efficient of variable. Each variable of the algorithm is broken down, described and prescribed in a palatable way for anyone and everyone. Golfer of each level would find something to relate to a I can safely say would find at least one aha moment. Odds are, many more.


Nothing, absolutely nothing, has been left out that affects scoring from swing technique (disclaimer: not a comprehensive coverage of their entire swing instruction - 5SK, which of course is widely available through plethora of venues), game planning (from tournament to your Sunday morning scramble), shot selection, club selection, landing zones to a completely out of the box perspective of how somebody who has never played golf would approach a hole. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Certianly few accomplished golfers-writers of a high caliber as Erik Barzeski and Dave Wedzik have described the thought, decision making and execution process in the detail as they have.  


The book is structured in steps but also fully self contained in each section. Surprisingly, even after reading this stunningly detailed treatise on raw data, physical game and an accomplished golfers thought process and how it relates to YOU, what struck me of how I felt the full brunt and appreciation of the mystique, the art and the craft that this game is in it's entirety. 


It is plenty evident that the book is a genuine labor of love and certainly recommended to one and all. As for any concentrated information rich writing, it is also highly recommended that the book be read at least a few times before lot of the concepts stick and take shape in your own game as you put them in practice. Needless to say will serve very well as an all inclusive golf handbook (except for rules of golf). 


Too bad the book doesn't swing the club for you. Get it.

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Thanks Vishal.
I'm with you on the mystique, man. You can break it down to whatever level, and yet, perfection is still so unattainable… yet nearly everyone achieves perfection once every round or two.
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