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Lynx LXW Wedge-Black


Pros: Good spin, great looks and ball flight,

Cons: Soft Steel face

This wedge came out at $80 and is being closed out at Golfsmith (who owns the Lynx and MacGregor brands) at $20.  It's avaialble in 52*, 56*, and 60*. I bought the 56* a year ago and the 52* last week.  Both wedges have a really good spin rate because of the grooves being at the very edge of what's allowable by the USGA.  They have a very nice appearance although the black finish will rub off to a deep silver, non-chrome like finish which looks good in its own right.  My only complaint is that the steel is pretty soft, and a rock buried in a greenside bunker caused a small dent in my 56*.  It was soft enough that I was nearly able to fix it.  For someone who is looking for a good wedge at a great price this is the one.  I replaced an old Ben Hogan wedge and had forgotten how nice it is to be able to generate spin on command.  Five stars, while they last.

Lynx LXW Wedge-Black

Lynx LXW Wedge — Black The LXW wedge is precision cast from a very soft 304 stainless steel. The wedge features a CNC-milled filled face for a controlled surface texture leading to increased spin rates. The new LWX box groove design has increased groove volume 6% over previous Lynx designs and are CNC milled to the maximum dimensions allowed by the USGA.

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