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A Review On: MacGregor M85i Iron Set 3-PW with Graphite Shafts

MacGregor M85i Iron Set 3-PW with Graphite Shafts

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Pros: nice balance, lightweight, solid feel, very long, good price

After deciding to try a set of irons with graphite shafts, I went to Golfsmith to try a number of different models.  I wanted a game improvement iron that had the look of a traditional cavity back.  I tried the Taylor Made Burner 2.0, the Callaway X hot, and the Mizuno JPX 825 along with the MacGregors.  Surprisingly, the MacGregors had a better feel than the Callaways and Taylor Mades.  Distance was better and the ball felt like it came off the club face with more velocity.  I can't honestly say that the MacGregors were superior to the Mizunos, but after considering the big price differential (this was the last set of M85i irons in the store and $300 off the regular price), I walked out with the MacGregors.  The more I have used the irons, the more I like them.  The lightweight 55g UST Mamiya shafts and traditional club head feel stable through impact. However, some might prefer a heavier shaft. The head sets up nice at address with a relatively thin top line. Off center shots stay straight with only minimal distance loss.  Golfsmith is making a serious club with the MacGregor line and competes well with the other major brands.


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