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Incredible Distance with Benefits of Urethene

A Review On: Maxfli U/3

Maxfli U/3

Rated # 2 in Distance
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Pros: Long Distance, Straight off the Tee, Durable , Holds Greens Well, Cost, Excellent Short Pitching and Chipping

Cons: Availability

As a high handicapper (18) I first started using urethene covered ball in 2013 by experimenting with the Gamer Tour and the TM RocketBallz U, and found that I was saving a couple of strokes on my approach shots, and played the Gamer Tour for most of the season.  Reading about the upgraded urethene cover on the U/3, I purchased a dozen to give them a try.  I am 62 with a driver SS of 85-90 and when I drove the ball on the first tee I was amazed at my distance, about 240 carry and roll.  I had been consistently hitting well struck drives 220 - 225 and thought that I may have just made an exceptional swing.  My next shot, an approach of about 120 yards, I took my normal iron and completely flew the green by 10 yards, giving me a 20 yard pitch.  The ball landed softly and rolled 4-5 feet to within 2 feet of the pin.  By the end of the round I was playing one less club on approach shots and having a ball around the greens.  I also have tried the TM Project (a) and 2014 Gamer Tour which both appeared to spin more than the U/3 on approach shots, but the added distance with the U/3 was a game changer for me.


I would classify the U/3 as a mid-spin urethene ball with low compression that provides a distance advantage to slow and moderate swing speeds and delivers good holding characteristics on the green.  I cannot comment first hand on faster swing speeds, but suspect there may not be such a significant gain in distance but the ball would likely spin more on approach shots.  As far as the durability issues of the 2013 U/3, Maxfli seems to have resolved them, and this ball can endure multiple run ins with trees and cart paths and still be in great shape.


On the negative side, all Maxfli (and Top-Flite) golf balls are manufactured by Dicks Sporting Goods (DSG) and sold exclusively at their outlet stores, including Golf Galaxy.  This is not a problem for me since I have both retail stores nearby, but some of you may have to use mail order.  The lack of exposure at the hundreds of pro shops and other major golf retailers also limits the number of golfers that will try the U/3, although buying direct from the manufacturer does keep the price down.  Also, with DSG retreating somewhat on their golf offerings, you have to wonder if it will impact their continued research and production of golf balls.  However, since golf balls need to be replaced on a consistent basis and are relatively low ticket items (unlike clubs), I expect that DSG's golf ball operations are profitable and will be retained.  


The Maxfli U/3 is the best ball for my swing that I have played in years and can constantly be found on sale.  If your driver SS is anywhere in the 80-95 range and you need some additional distance but still want strong performance around the green, I recommend you give the U/3 a try.


Nice review.  I just started using these the last few months.  I have had very good luck with them.  I will post a review soon.
Great review, thanks.
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