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Medicus Vision Track Accuracy Guide

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #14 in Swing Aids


Pros: Good Path Visual, liteweight, fits in bag easily, Offers Great Feedback

Vision Track Pro 


  • Line up parallel to track and target, and Swing along the Path
  • Gives info on Path versus Clubface Angle
  • Will let you know if you swing Over the Top - you will hit the small stick shown in picture
  • Will let you know if Ball is hit fat
  • Can use a tee - at end of path is a notch to insert a tee
  • Offers a good visual cue as to the Swing Path


I was surprised at how easy the Vision Track Pro is to setup, carry, and use. It has holes in the plastic to insert a couple of tees to stabilize the track. There is a notch at the end of the path stick to insert a tee into the ground. 


One will hit the smaller stick jutting out with an out to in swing. The path track also has black markings just before the notch in which you place the ball. If you hit fat, you will scuff the black topping - you will probably wear out the black arrow eventually.


What I discovered is that I had a habit of not opening the clubface sufficiently at address or it was not open sufficiently at impact to produce the desired push draw. The clubface should be closed to the path, but the ball should start right of the target, not at the target.


While I do not have an OTT issue, this aid will offer feedback if you do. You will hit the smaller stick. You can adjust the small stick so that it is closer to the swing path track to ensure you have no OTT. Lefties and Righties can use the stick. Lefties just set it up in the opposite manner - there are lines for Lefties.


The aid seems well made with 2 screws you use to set it up to set the path angle. To finish, you take out the screws, line up the two large sticks and replace the screws to put it back in your bag. It is liteweight and does as intended.


As to star ratings, I give 3 stars for average, 4 for above average, and 5 outstanding.


This aid is most valuable for those with OTT swings and whom want to begin drawing the ball. It is valuable for those who swing along the path and want feedback as to their push draw.


I recommend this training aid.

Medicus Vision Track Accuracy Guide

Medicus Vision Track TM Accuracy Guide. Most golfers are confused about how and where the club moves during the golf stroke. The Medicus Vision Track TM gives the player a clear picture of what SHOULD be happening and almost immediately improves their Swing Plane by simply following the "Alternate Target Line." Highly portable, easily set-up, and is designed to hit golf balls off of, the Medicus Vision Track TM gives you immediate feedback on whether or not your stroke is on, or off plane.

FeatureInstructional DVD by Chuck Evans, Executive Director of the Medicus Golf Institute. Extra Bonus - New Medicus GeoMetrics TM Golf School Discount Coupon included with every Medicus Vision Track TM.
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