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Men's Titleist Vokey SM4 Tour Chrome Wedge

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #5 in Wedges


Pros: Flawless in Execution - grind works for all but the most aggressive players

Cons: Needs more weight balanced throughout club, leading edge needs to sit lower to ground, a little more bounce would add to its playability

A forgiving lob wedge that does everything well. I thin it fits an aggressive player, but not a true driver/digger - that player needs more bounce.


I like a lob wedge with bounce and relief in heel, toe, and trailing edge. I also like a leading edge that won't dig and will play easily in firm conditions without a decent lie, and play out of soft or river (firmer) sand because those are my typical conditions.


The Vokey SM4 60-10 works for me in all but the worst lies. In bare lies, the leading edge needs to sit lower to the ground. In the wet, it doesn't slide easily - more bounce needed.


The sole is narrower than the wide, flattish 58-12 (M Grind) and it suits my slider, driver swing - meaning I take a divot, and if I hit it slightly fat or set up a partial swing around the greens for a fat shot, I will get a slide, not a dig in all conditions, except for mud. In mud, I've got to come in more shallow and pick a bit.


Out of medium rough around the greens with the Vokey, one can be aggressive, straighten the arms at the ball, and get stoppage. In deep rough where I can't see the ball, it pops up nicely with predictable run. It is easy from the fairway - the sole is not wide. Out of bunkers, I open the face, and allow the bounce to open on the downswing and obtain excellent results. On partial/delicate shots around the greens, hinge and hold type shots, or soft pitches, you get real bite with a urethane ball.


Using bounce for pitches - if you lay the club open and the shaft vertical or back - then you need some grass. The leading edge sits up and doesn't help you with confidence. An aggressive swing will work using the bounce, but a tiny mistake will have the leading edge hitting ball instead of sliding. In those conditions, be a little more conservative with this wedge.


Durability - I've used the Vokey frequently since March practicing a new swing around the greens - the first several grooves show some wear but played it this week and it bit tremendously. I'd say the heat treated grooves wear well. I also have a DG Spinner as the shaft and it helps with spin and height.


In sum, the Vokey SM4 is a superior wedge that does everything well, especially around the greens, for my particular swing type  (aggressive but not a digger - more of a trapper), and since the head shape is a tad larger than previous versions, it offers more forgiveness this year. The only caveat is pitching off barish lies where you have the shaft vertical or slightly back - the leading edge sits up. The bite of the ball is high, and durability is excellent. Check it out.


Pros: Classic, Options Galore

Cons: Price

You can never go wrong with a Vokey and the SM4 is no exception. There is a wealth of options to choose from and I scored the TVD (Tour Van Design) version, available from Vokey Wedgeworks, which is modified "M" (Tour) grind with the CC grooves. The grind is extremely versatile and the soft feel is superb. The spin is not quite as much as the old grooves, but just right. These will not disappoint! 

Men's Titleist Vokey SM4 Tour Chrome Wedge

Born from the unique artistry and clubmaking experience of master wedge craftsman Bob Vokey, Titleist Vokey Design Wedges have earned the reputation as the game's finest short game tools. Since 1998, Vokey Design wedges have achieved overwhelming success as the favorite of more players across the worldwide professional tours and competitive golf and as a leader with serious golfers in the marketplace. In fact, Vokey Design wedges have been the top choice on the PGA Tour in terms of player count and wins f

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TitleMen's Titleist Vokey SM4 Tour Chrome Wedge
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