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My custom Miura 1957 Blades limited edition

A Review On: Miura Baby Blade 1957 Limited edition

Miura Baby Blade 1957 Limited edition

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Seriously? A long review on irons after one hour with them?
How about a review after 3 months with them...
Miura Irons are the flat truth. I've been playing with the lefty cavity backs for a year now and I hit about 30 different clubs before I hit Miura's and the only clubs that were even close ( and still very distant) where Mizuno and the KZG tour evolution irons. Impact with these clubs cannot be described and that has not worn off now that I am out of the honeymoon phase. I hit the baby blades in right hand just to see and they are awesome and I really really love how "dense the clubheads are for them to be so small.
Mr. Desmond it doesn't even take an hour to know that Mirua is a whole different ballgame when it comes to irons....It only takes one good pass and you will know that what you have just hit is unlike any other clubs you have ever hit.
The clubs are very very durable also for them to feel "soft" to the touch. They do not mark up or scratch easily at all. The baby blades are expensive but ordering there other clubs are inline with Titleist or Mizuno because you order only the clubs that you need so 5-PW for me assembled was $1200 which is not unreasonable considering Titleist clubs are $1000 for 3-PW. Great, great clubs.
I own Miuras. In fact, I have owned 3 sets of Miura irons.
But giving a detailed review after one hour with the clubs is a bit too much ...
And in that one hour, you hit 10 balls?? This review does seem a bit premature. And I am fascinated by how positive the review is when I read a recent review of yours (I think it was yours, if I'm wrong I apologize) on the MB712's that was negative because they were too expensive at $1100.
Golfingdad: yes, that's me. I just don't like paying a couple hundred $ more for items that are not better than a cheaper one. And I feel that Titleist just uses their brand name to upcharge.
Sorry, I meant I hit batches of 10 balls before I stop for a few minutes then another 10 balls. And I do play with them for 2 rounds since my friend owns a couple of Miuras and he trusts me enough to let me use them once in a while.
I plan to edit the review with more findings once I have my own set to play with and I don't need to be extra careful swinging them.
Desmond: Yes, seriously. I don't need 3 months to know if my GI works well enough in the ring, nor if my running shoes help me with my shin spleens. If something goes wrong, most likely it's my swing, not the clubs.
No need to be an elitist and no need act high and mighty... specially when you don't know who I am and I'm doing this for free at the cost of my free time. So how about you go that way and I go this way and we both be good boys, ok?
Ok, you know what, I'll be blunt, you really speak this way to ppl even in real life? Hmm?
Sorry, im with Golfingdad and Desmond, something stinks of agenda when it comes to your reviews.
Appreciate the reviews. It's that after 10 years on these forums, I am accustomed to reviews that are written after ownership of the clubs - initial honeymoon, three month follow up, etc. And then the real test of whether you're a good reviewer - if the clubs are not for you, who would they fit? i.e.., these are great for a high capper, but got up too high for me, etc. ...
That's fine, not that I give a **** what you think, because I know people like you people well too well. heh
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