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Mizuno JPX-825 Driver

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Rated #25 in Drivers


Pros: nice all black finish, easy to hit, low spin, high flight

Cons: a more traditional round shape would have been nice

Went for a fitting because i struggled lately with my R11 and lost confidence.

I had hit several drivers Ping I20 was my best fit when i tried the Mizuno MP650

I just hit this one great, only i didn't like the open bias it was on.

Than the JPX was given to me. I straight on liked the feel of the club,

The stock shaft Fujikura Orochi blue eye was a bit to weak for me, and i asked 

if he could get the Red Eye shaft from the MP650 in this one. 

This was the match for me. I hit a couple off shots that i just nailed.

had a launch angle 11.8 deg. but my spin was 2672 rpm. A great combination.

So actually the driver does what Mizuno says it does. High launch low spin. Result

a great distance! I hit 270 carry distance all the time, even when i hit it out the bottom

it still shoots off the face and getting up. So i ordered the driver, 3wd and 2 hybrid.

 Last weekend i went to the range and course. At the range i went true my normal clubs

for warmup. When i took my driver, and put it behind the ball i loved the look of that square face.

Our range is not that long at 240 we have a big high fence that should collect all drives, i hit my first

drive little low on the face, but the ball hit the fence just below the top. Second shot came from the middle

it really bombed of the face and went straight over the fence hitting a tree behind. I was shocked. And put it

back in the bag.

I went to the first tee with a friend from my competition team. Hit my new 3wd and it went 260 straight as can be.

2nd hole a straight on par 5 driver out and flushed it, unbelievable what a strong sound that makes.

300 yrd drive again straight as can be. I think i'm going to like this driver.  

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Mizuno JPX-825 Driver

Mizuno JPX-825 Driver The Mizuno JPX-825 Driver features a sleek, new head design that offers balanced performance in terms of looks, distance and forgiveness. The square face angle and deeper face head design promote confidence behind the ball while the high tech construction delivers the ultimate in explosive distance and fairway splitting control. The 5-piece construction of the JPX-825 Driver allows for multiple technologies to be integrated into the head design. Through the use of a chemical etching process, the crown of the JPX-825 is made ultra-thin which significantly lowers the Center of Gravity to achieve an ideal launch and spin combination. A strategically placed Ultimate Dynamic Stability (UDS) weight, located low and deep in the head, increases stability on not only misses in the toe/heel direction, but also up/down, which minimizes distance loss and keeps drives going straight from more places across the face. These features combine with a multi-thickness CORTECH face which delivers extreme ball speeds, making the JPX-825 the driver that will optimize distance, forgiveness and control for any level player. Features: Multi-thickness Hot Metal CORTECH Face Design for maximum ball speeds and explosive distance Ultimate Dynamic Stability (U.D.S.) internal weighting for high launch and lower spin Ultra-thin crown for an easy launch and forgiveness Mizunos Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.) tuned for a solid, powerful sound at impact

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