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Mizuno JPX-825 Fairway Wood

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #6 in Fairway Woods


Pros: Great looking, it makes you think you got a 5wood in your hand

Cons: don't know

First off all i like it that there is no adjustability on this club.

It's just a great all black wood.

I have this club with a Fujikura Orochi Red Eye stiff shaft with 75 grams. half an inch shorter and the loft was bent to 14 degrees.

I have to say this is the first wood i can consistent off the deck.

Behind the ball it looks you have tons off loft. Than you have a square face what i like to see in a wood.

I must be honest it's not the longest wood i've owned or hit. But the consistency is making up that loss easy.


It makes a very powerful sound, giving you the feeling you absolutely nailed it.

So this thing just performs.

If your searching for a 3wood that is easy to hit with a good distance not the longest.

you should try the JPX-825.

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Mizuno JPX-825 Fairway Wood

Mizuno JPX-825 Fairway Wood The Mizuno JPX-825 Fairway Woods are a new range of high tech woods that offer the ultimate in playabilty and forgiveness in a balanced performance package. The square face angle paired with finely tuned internal weighting result in a wood that not only looks easy to hit, but delivers a high, straight, penetrating ball flight. By pairing an exotic in.L in. Shaped Maraging Multi thickness Face Design with a thin crown and thick soled Stainless Steel body, the JPX-825 fairways deliver maximum ball speeds across the entire face to deliver consistent distance, while remaining extremely easy to launch and control. Additionally, the woods feature a newly designed Speed Bevel sole for improved turf interaction, regardless of the conditions. All of this is further enhanced through Mizunos Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT), which ensures a powerful and solid sound at impact. Features: Multi-thickness Hot Metal Face Design for maximum ball speeds and explosive distance Ultimate Dynamic Stability (U.D.S.) internal weighting for stability on off-center strikes Large footprint and deeper face provide maximum forgiveness Speed Bevel Sole Design for ideal turf interaction Mizunos Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.) tuned for a solid, powerful sound at impact

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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Clubs › Fairway Woods › Mizuno JPX-825 Fairway Wood