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A Review On: Mizuno JPX-825 Steel Iron Set - 4-PW - True Temper Dynamic Gold XP R300 Regular - Right Hand

Mizuno JPX-825 Steel Iron Set - 4-PW - True Temper Dynamic Gold XP R300 Regular - Right Hand

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Pros: Forgiving with a pretty top line; less offset

Cons: A meatier club that will turn off some

I just purchased these from Dick's because I was sick at looking down at that awful top line on the Ping G10s. I wanted to stay within the game improvement realm, but I also wanted a club that was more pleasing to the eye at address. The JPX-825s fit that bill quite well.


They look great at address if you are used to looking down at a clunkier club. It's a really nice marriage between having the visual qualities of a classic club, but also having that forgiveness for toe strikes. The sole is pretty meaty, but less so than I'm used to. And I just love this top line. Perhaps I'm just so used to looking down at an ugly club, but this top line looks sexy as hell to me. I also like the reduced off-set, which is great for me since I tend to arch my lead wrist too much as it is. I don't need the extra shaft lean.


The strong lofts take a bit getting used to. The 4-iron has 21 degrees of loft on it for example. As a result, it's no surprise I hit these clubs 10 yards farther than my previous ones, which already had strong lofts themselves. 


It's a pretty hard hit at impact, but since I'm used to that kind of feel, it feels pretty good to me. I'd recommend these to anyone used to playing with game improvement irons who is looking to both stay in that neighborhood while also getting a much prettier looking club. 


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