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Mizuno MP-59 Irons Reviews


Great Irons


Pros: Great flight, forgiving enough for me

I had a set of MX200's for almost 3 years. But as my game progressed, I was looking to lower my ball flight. I had been lusting over these irons for the last 12 months and when I finally had the cash to splurge, I did. I am striking the ball great with these and the ball flight is piercing. I hit a trap draw with all my shots, and its a stinging flight. If I had to pick one thing I dont like, its the feel. Yeah, beautiful soft forged feel Mizuno are known for, but I think my MX200's felt softer. Had I known about the MP64's, I would have chosen those, but I had already been fitted for these a few months before I purchased..but I am more than happy with these irons. 

Mizuno MP 59


Pros: blade look iron, fine lines, minimal offset, forgiving, great soft feel

Cons: little noisy sound

I was fitted for these irons with KBS Tour c tapper stiff shafts. Went looking for a new set off irons because i was ballooning my last set ( taylormade tour preferred '08 with DG R 300) I played the business competition  yesterday and that was the first time i had a hit with them. I didn't had time to go to the range first because i was running late. Starting at the first hole a 330 yard par 4 with dogleg right. I tought i go for safety first and hit the first shot with my brand new 3 iron. I made a solid easy swing and i bombed it. The feel off hitting it in the center is as you will expect from a mizuno mp iron. By far the best feel in a forged iron. During the round i had i...
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Joshua Holmes

Love These Irons


Pros: Great Distance, Shot Control and Hit Feedback

Cons: Sounds, Feel isn't as good as MP-69's

  I bought a set of MP-59's that were used as Demo's at a golf show for the weekend.  Most clubs we not used and in plastic, and the clubs that had been used literally looked brand new.   I spent over an hour at Golfsmith going through fitting but I didn't like the monitor and I knew it wasn't giving me accurate results.  The monitor system was telling me everything was fading, and the day before at GG their monitor said everything was a draw.  I am glad I didn't listen to the salesman and buyer a different club because I hit these great and straight on the range after purchase.   I am very glad I made the switch.  I had been using Wilson...
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Best set of irons I've ever owned


Pros: Beautiful club design - ball soars off the club face

Cons: Sometimes they sound clicky

My setup is with the KBS Tour stiff steel shafts, 4i to PW.  This is one of the sexiest irons on the market right now.  They are stunning...  The titanium insert ensures a solid feel - even on miss hits - and increases the sweet spot.   My misses are on the heel side, near the hosel - and the ball still flies as if it was near the center of the club face.  The ball just soars when compressed with this iron... Effortlessly.  And it's very easy to shape shots left to right and or right to left.   I would highly recommend the MP-59's to anyone on the market looking for a new set of irons.
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