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A Review On: Mizuno MP-59 Irons

Mizuno MP-59 Irons

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Joshua Holmes
Posted · 1171 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: Great Distance, Shot Control and Hit Feedback

Cons: Sounds, Feel isn't as good as MP-69's


I bought a set of MP-59's that were used as Demo's at a golf show for the weekend.  Most clubs we not used and in plastic, and the clubs that had been used literally looked brand new.


I spent over an hour at Golfsmith going through fitting but I didn't like the monitor and I knew it wasn't giving me accurate results.  The monitor system was telling me everything was fading, and the day before at GG their monitor said everything was a draw.  I am glad I didn't listen to the salesman and buyer a different club because I hit these great and straight on the range after purchase.


I am very glad I made the switch.  I had been using Wilson Deep Red's that I bought years ago from Walmart, or RockBottomGolf, or where ever.. They were dirt cheap learning irons and they were far ready for retirement.


These clubs were very easy to hit.  I didn't loose a single yard moving from Game Improvement irons to these blade/cav combo irons.


While they have a great feel, and hit extremely well, they don't feel quite as good as the MP-69's but I just don't have the trajectory to play those clubs.


I read a lot of reviews else where saying that the ball explodes off of the face, and I felt that way as well.  I was hitting my 5 Iron passed 200 with ease, which was nearly impossible with my last irons.  I even had a 7 iron shot that hit about 205.


Thanks for the review.
What shafts came with your set?
Was the setup of the clubs standard length and lie?
Standard everything with DG S300 Shafts. I knew I was a stiff and standard all around, after over an hour in the fitting that's exactly what he told me lol. I could have saved him an hour :P
What i don't understand is that you rate your clubs to distance. I bought these clubs with the C taper shafts just to narrow down the distances. What you are telling is what i don't like to have, i would like a more consistent distance. Why i choose these over the 64's is because they felt to heavy for me. result was a not so strong flight and inconsistency 
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