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Mizuno MP-63 Iron Set

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #38 in Irons


Pros: Dynalite XP shaft, Top Line at Address, Feel

Cons: Price!

First, let me say that I am an 18 handicapper and have absolutely no patience for anyone who says these clubs are for single digit cappers only. Rubbish. I've never felt a better set of clubs in my life. I constantly shoot between 85 and 90 with my old McGregor VIPS and expect these Mizuno's will shave off a stroke or two just because of the wonderful feel and the confidence they inspire when addressing the ball. I have, like most golfers, been told players irons such as the MP 63 are more club than I can ever handle. Well, yes they are, but if you think a single digit capper can play these clubs without problems then you should be on the Tour and not here critiquing the rest of us. I buy such clubs exactly for the feel I get with a bad shot. You can never get that type of feedback from the cast iron game improvement stick that are always being pushed on us higher handicappers.


So, now that I have that off my chest, I would encourage anyone who wants a finely tuned instrument to play to look hard at the MP 63. The top line is nicely thin to look at when addressing the ball as is a very slight offset. The head shape is old classic and the stamping on each head is clean and very minimal. And of course, there is that fantastic buttery feel when the ball has been flushed. I find that feel to be one of the club's real assets. When you miss it, you know where and why and can make the appropriate adjustments for the next shot. So then, if you want a club that will tell you immediately when your shot was bad versus one that will simply cover those shots, I would recommend taking these for a test drive at your nearest dealer. Again, the only drawback or con if you will is the price. But, if you have been around for a time you know that you get what you for and you do it fact pay for the irons.


William Hudson

Mizuno MP 63, 18 handicap

Mizuno MP-63 Iron Set

Mizuno MP-63 Iron Set The Mizuno MP-63 Iron Set is the evolution of Mizuno s most popular Tour iron. The legendary Grain Flow Forging process combines with an innovative Diamond Muscle design to create the perfect blend of feel and control in a player s cavity. Additional Features: Set Composition: 3-Pitching Wedge Shaft Brand: True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft Type: Dynamic Gold Grip: Golf Pride M-21

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