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Mizuno MP-64

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #58 in Irons


Pros: Everything

Cons: not for High handicapper



VERY very nice design with a blade look on address.

Really, there's nothing else I can say.


Performance / Feel :


We all know that Mizuno makes some of the best and best looking irons in the world. And without exception, this iron is one of them.


Feel: Just like butter and yet a little more powerful due to the cavity back.


Performance: I really like this iron. I was going to buy CB501, but after playing with this, I think I'll go with this iron instead.

I notice that the trajectory is around mid / high, yet still penetrating. I also gained a little more distance compared to my MP68,

but I think that's mainly due to the stronger loft.


Consistency with this iron is very good and my dispersion quite tight.


Final Thoughts:


I really like the MP64. It feels great and it's also rather forgiving. Still gives me the butter / blade feel. I said above that I'd buy this over the CB501, and that's because the CB501 looks just like my other Miura blades, while MP64 as thin and slender as it is, it still looks like a cavity back.


I truly recommend this iron to most golfers, but due to its design, perhaps anyone hitting in the 90s should avoid this model.


Otherwise, if you need a new set, look no where else.

Mizuno MP-64

The MP-64™ is the best feeling “player’s cavity” design that Mizuno has engineered. The full body Diamond Muscle design of the Grain Flow Forged® MP-64™ irons delivers increased forgiveness in the long irons and enhanced control in the scoring irons. With feel and control as top priorities, Mizuno engineers relied heavily on the use of advanced simulation tools and input from Mizuno Staff Member Luke Donald in the development of the MP-64. Precise control of vibration frequencies through Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT) paired with the utilization of the highest quality material (1025E Pure Select) in Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process ensure that MP-64’s players cavity design delivers the ultimate in soft, solid, and consistent feel. Additionally, the Diamond Muscle pad flows with varied cavity depths throughout the set resulting in easy to launch, controllable long irons and pin seeking scoring irons. If you’re looking for the ultimate in shot making ability, look no further than the MP-64. Flow Thickness Diamond Muscle Pad delivers optimized performance and perfect flow through the entire set. Scientifically designed to optimize sound and feel at impact utilizing Modal Analysis software and Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT). Patented Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mil carbon steel provides the ultimate in soft, solid and consistent feel. Tour confirmed sole and a compact head size allow for the ultimate ability to alter shots, delivering more control. Modified U-Grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.

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