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Mizuno MP FLI-HI Iron Hybrid


Pros: High launching. Great in the rough. Smooth Mizuno feel at impact.

Cons: Mizuno doesn't make it anymore.

I purchased this iron in April of 2013 because I was not launching my Mizuno MP-57 4 iron high enough to hold greens.  I am not a particularly high ball hitter.  There were several par 3 holes that I play that could use a higher launching club for 180 yard shots.  Also, my 4-iron in light rough would dig in and I would lose distance.  I had read about the Fli Hi and decided to give a shot.  I found one on e-Bay with the same shaft as my MP-57, Nippon 950GH stiff.




First off, this is a nice looking club.  It is made of the same grain flow forged 1025E steel as other Mizuno MP irons.  The club is hollow with a thinner faster, higher COR face. The sole is wider than a normal iron and has a fair amount of camber from front to back.  The easy to read numbers and Mizuno symbol enhance the look.  The finish is a slight brushed look that I like a lot.






Mizuno made a 2, 3 and 4 iron versions with True Temper Dynamic Gold and DGSL shafts, Project X shafts and Nippon 950GH shafts.




Right away I knew I would enjoy this club.  A good contact, center face hit has the same smooth feel that you would expect from a Mizuno MP iron.  The ball leaps off the face with a good strike.  Ball flight had similar curve as my other irons but with higher launch.  My carry was about 5 yards longer than my MP-57 4 iron, but with less roll out.  This helps hold greens.


From light rough, the club easily glides through the grass.  Deep rough is more of a problem, but for me, so are any long iron or hybrid.  Off center hits do not feel as punishing as they do with other irons and I didn't lose as much distance.




I have been playing this hybrid iron for two years now and I must say it is still one of my favorite clubs.  I recently replaced my irons and only changed the 5-PW because I wanted to keep this club in the bag.  You can find this club on e-Bay for short money.  Recent auctions have the club selling for around $40 to $45 dollars.  That is a steal!

Mizuno MP FLI-HI Iron Hybrid

Mizuno MP Fli-Hi Iron Hybrid with Project 5.5 Shaft The MP Fli-Hi was created as a direct replacement for difficult to hit long irons. Each MP Fli-Hi can be fitted and included within any and all iron set make-ups. The Hot Metal construction of the MP Fli-Hi is created by plasma welding a thin, hot, ES230 maraging steel face to a high tech stainless steel body. This exotic design technology delivers high and consistent COR numbers, which translate into increased ball speed off the face and unbelievable distance. The Hollow Construction of the MP Fli-Hi aids in positioning the CG low and deep for a high, penetrating ball flight. This iron hybrid, with Hot Metal construction, delivers the perfect blend of forgiveness, distance and control where you need it most — in you long irons. The stock shaft is the True Temper Project X 5.5 steel.

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