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Mizuno MX-19 Iron Set

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Rated #63 in Irons


Pros: Very forgiving

Cons: Thick topline, minimal feedback

These irons are wonderful (Super) Game Improvement clubs. (As such, the ratings associated with this review are from the GI perspective.) They are extremely forgiving. Even off-center hits, if struck with the proper swing path, will fly basically straight and with most of the distance a center hit would've gotten. No club will correct for an improper swing path, but these will forgive hits basically anywhere on the face of the club.

Those looking for feedback won't get that with this set, though. Hits within an inch of the center of the clubface are difficult to distinguish from each other. I've had many hits that felt perfect but seeing the mark on the clubface after the hit I can tell that I missed the center by a half inch. This is either a pro or a con, depending on what you're looking for in an iron. I got the clubs from someone who said he "outgrew" them, and for a serious player hoping to get to a 15 or under handicap I can definitely see how they would feel like they outgrew these clubs, but that's true of any set of SGI clubs.

The topline is very thick, and the 4-iron feels borderline like a miniature hybrid. (It makes sense that the MX-100 set, which replaced this set, comes with hybrids for the lower irons.) I came to these clubs from another set of GI clubs and still found the topline to be fairly thick. It put me off at first, as they almost looked ungainly, but after I got used to swinging them I completely got over it.

They're basically finely tuned shovels. They let you focus primary on swing path and reward any face-on hit. They have a good low COG so they pop the ball up into the air well.

The set I got came with a 4-PW, SW, and GW. I've replace the GW because I wanted a wedge more specific wedge-like. The GW in this set feels clunky for delicate greenside work.

I got these clubs as a 28 handicapper and am now a 22 handicapper. They served me well and made the game more enjoyable while I struggled through it. I will keep these clubs for a while, but probably upgrade after I drop a few more strokes from my handicap.
Mizuno MX-19 Iron Set

Mizuno MX-19 Iron Set 4-GW w/ Steel Shafts The MX-19 iron delivers ultra game improvement performance in an oversized, yet elegant iron. Mizuno’s H.E.M.I COG is created by combining “Multi-Piece Wax Technology”, a massive pocket cavity, wrap-around power bar design, and an ultra wide sole to maximize energy transfer from clubhead to ball. The result of all of these innovative design technologies together is unmatched forgiveness and a high ball launch and trajectory. H.E.M.I. Center of Gravity Technology utilized in the MX-19 creates an enormous sweet spot area for maximum forgiveness and a high, easy launch. Features: H.E.M.I (High Energy Mass Impact) Center of Gravity design through “Multi-Piece Wax Technology” delivers an unbelievably low and deep COG for maximum energy transfer from clubhead to ball with unsurpassed forgiveness Extreme Pocket Cavity Design , 4-6 irons, delivers easy, high launch and maximum forgiveness Deep undercut cavity with solid power bar design, 7-SW, delivers solid feel and maximum control and accuracy Wrap-around Power Bar Design for lower and deeper COG Precisely engineered back cavity pad adds mass behind the hitting area which strategically reinforces the face for greater feel Durable Double Nickel Chrome plated with mirror satin finish provides durability and eliminates glare U-grooves

Additional Information
Golf Club FlexStiff
Hand OrientationRight
Product GroupSports
Product Type NameGOLF_CLUB_IRON
Shaft Material TypeSteel
TitleMizuno MX-19 Iron Set 4-GW with Steel Shafts
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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