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A great bag for a light round!

A Review On: NEW 2013 Ping Moonlite Sunday Carry Bag BLACK

NEW 2013 Ping Moonlite Sunday Carry Bag BLACK

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Pros: Very light, easy to carry and can easily fit 14 clubs at a great price.

Cons: It is small so not much storage, no stand and no padding.

I just picked up the new Ping Moonlite Sunday Carry bag.  I was first amazed at the size of the box that it came in.  This thing is small and since the bag has no side walls lining the bag as a shell it can easily be folder up and stored away.  I was a little concerned that it would be flimsy and not balance well, but once you get the clubs in it I holds them nicely.  



I initially wondered how my clubs would fit in the bag.  After trying it out you can fit all 14 clubs in the bag.  It is a bit tight getting them in and out as they can bind up a bit in the two club pockets the bag has.  One issue is belongings storage.  If you want to use this bag and carry a lot of stuff, it may not be ideal.  There are really only two pockets to store items as the third pocket is actually just a water bottle holder.  I wanted to use this bag for my nine hole morning rounds, and so I did have a few things I wanted to keep in it.  I ultimately had to use the smaller storage pocket for balls, tees, sharpie markers and my range finder.  I really wish this bag had an extra little sleeve for a rangefinder though.  That would be very nice to have.  The larger pocket I used for gloves and extra ball markers and divot repair tools, extra score cards and my valuables pouch.  There is not a lot that you can keep in this bag, but ultimately it is nice because it helps you keep the overall weight and bulk of the bag down.  I did have some trouble figuring out where I wanted to put a towel.  There is a little red plastic hook on the inside of the larger pocket that could be used for this, but you have to unzip the pocket a bit to expose it.  I just ended up attaching the towel to small lifting strap in the middle, upper part of the bag and that works fine.


Carry Ergonomics:

Ping did a great job designing this bag for carry.  It is very light and small.  It is designed so that you can just throw it over one shoulder or you can use the dual straps over both shoulders.  The main strap is designed to sit up in the air which is nice because the bag does not have any stands and it makes it much easier to pick it up without bending down as much.   It makes carrying a golf bag and walking a course that much more enjoyable.  The only slight downside would have been if they had added just a bit of padding to the side of the bag for carrying.  Other than that it is a pretty amazing design and a great way to carry.  The water resistant belly of the bag is nice as well because it keep the bag from soaking up water and becoming heavier and it also helps keep your items dry in the pockets.  


Closing Thoughts:

Overall this is a great bag by Ping and one that is well designed.  It may not be what everyone needs.  But if you play and walk a lot or if you like to play a quick round somewhere on a whim without the bag taking up much space in your car, then this may be the bag for you.  


*Update:  Just and update on the review.  One thing I have noticed is that although this bag can carry 14 clubs it is really not ideal.  Beyond the clubs binding up in the bag a bit, there is another issue.  It really is not very fun to pick up off the ground after each shot with a full bag even with the strap that sticks up in the air a bit.  It is still a great bag, but I will personally keep it for quick rounds where I want to just carry less than a full set of clubs.  I would say it is really designed best for use with less than 10 clubs.  





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