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TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons Review

A Review On: New Taylormade 2014 Tour Preferred Cb 7 Piece Iron Set Steel

New Taylormade 2014 Tour Preferred Cb 7 Piece Iron Set Steel

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Pros: Very forgiving, solid distance.

Cons: Tons of offset, thick soles, strong lofts.

The first thing I noticed about these irons is that they feel and swing like a game improvement iron, even more so than they look. The toplines are thick, as are the soles, and the clubs have that top-heavy feel that most game improvement irons have. No one’s confusing the CBs for blades, but it goes a bit beyond that.

These clubs have to play the balancing game between game improvement and low-handicap irons. Both groups of golfers have to find them appealing to look at and both groups have to find them enjoyable to swing.

And to that effect, TaylorMade has pulled that off pretty well. The clubs are a little clunky, but all in all they've managed to keep high much of that clunkiness out of the way. And though I'm not thrilled with the lofts, these irons really rocket the ball. They're soft, they sound great, and they are oh so shiny.


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