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Don't judge a putters performance based on it's looks - Scotty Cameron Futura X Putter

A Review On: NEW Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X 35" Putter

NEW Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X 35" Putter

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Pros: stability, feel, sound, easy to line up

Cons: it's hiddeous, pricy

I had planned on getting the Select Golo S.  That's why I went to the store to begin with.  I had see the Futura X online and thought it was one of the ugliest putters I have ever seen.  As I was rolling putts in the golf store, I tried several different putters as the Select Golo S was not as smooth as I was hoping.  I spent more than two hours in the store putting.  I'm not sure why I picked up the Futura X, but I'm glad I did.  I noticed right away that I liked the performance of this putter.  While it was ugly as hell, the stability was amazing.  The main part of the putter is basically a Golo that is hollowed out while the back portion of the putter is shaped like a C.  I realized that the weights on the bottom near the face were less than the weights in the back of the putter in the c shaped bar.  As I continued to roll in putt after putt, I realized that the back part of the putter was what provided such amazing stability.  It's a completely flat putter on the bottom which works well for my stroke which is as close to straight back straight through as I can make it.  With the flat bottom this is helpful to a sbst putting stroke.  There is virtually no tow hang either, again a plus for someone like me that likes to go straight back and straight through.


I normally use a 34" putter but actually opted for the 35" Futura.  I felt like because of the large shape of the putter combined with the weight in the back of the putter that the 35" putter was actually more stable for me than the 34".  I had read online that several people that had the Futura X liked it but thought it needed a bigger grip than the Pistolero because of the size of the putter.  The putter that I bought brand new actually did not have a Pistolero, it had a mid size baby t cameron grip on it which fit the putter perfectly in my opinion as it was just the right size.


I've gamed the putter for a short while but it's already proven itself as one that will be in my special rotation of putters.  The first round I played which was at a course that I was not familiar with at all, I had 31 putts (34 if you count unofficial putts from the fringe).  The distance control was pretty good and the alignment was awesome considering that I was not familiar at all with those greens.  They also offer a counter balanced version of the Futura X and it costs about $50 more.  The recent trend in the industry is for these massive mallets with absurdly high MOI numbers (i.e. Odyssey Tank, TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs/Spider).  The Futura X actually has the highest MOI of any putter available.  I previously had a Daddy Long Legs and while that putter was very stable, the Futura is actually better, likely because of the two 20g weights in the back of the putter compared plastic on the DLL.  Oh and I was also surprised to find out that this was not steel that the putter was made out of, but actually a kind of aluminum blend.  The color of the putter is nice although the shape while ugly is definitely growing on me.  The face is milled, although not quite as deep as the Select line in my opinion.  I'm happy with my purchase and as a Cameron fan, I am also glad that there is now a mallet that is bigger than the Golo that will appeal to people that want as much MOI in a putter that they can get.

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Wow, it has a kind of Disney theme going on, but who am I to judge. I lost three rounds last year to wacky looking putters... a Klingon looking putter, a four ball odyssey knockoff putter and  one that looked someones geometry project gone awry. I love Scotty's.