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Nike 20XI-S


Pros: This ball is long- Stupid Long

Cons: Doesn't stop as well as the ProV1 on fast greens, Durability is below average for a premium ball

Last month I was lucky enough to receive a dozen of Nikes 2012 version of the 20XI with the purchase of some new clubs (I begged to have them thrown in), and just recently started playing them (I had to wait to finish my opened box of 2011 ProV1's, I am a bit OCD like that).




My first impression of the ball is that it is long. Right away, from my first swing, on the first hole of my home course, I gained ~15 yards at the tee, putting me in great scoring position on what can be a difficult and hairy par 5 if your drive comes up short. Thats a ton of distance to a guy like myself who averages only 265 off the tee (GPS measured) with a good, 85% power controlled swing. So to see ~280 yards showing on my Skycaddie with every good drive was nothing short of incredible. Im not one to believe marketing hype, but this time, the proof was there for me to see. Never before have I seen a ball give me these kind of results.




First off, this ball has plenty of spin, so dont shy away from it on that account. I will say that I find the ProV1 to stop a bit quicker on fast greens, but have no complaints at all with the 20XI. Of course this is all personal opinion, as I dont own a launch monitor to tell me how much backspin I put on the ball. But I know when I hit it well, and I know how the ProV1 behaves. There isnt a ton of difference, and in the case of very large greens, I actually prefer the 20XI, because its spin on the green gives me more options for where to put it. I know if my shot is good, I can overshoot the pin by 3 or 4 yards, and it will back up closer to the hole, barring steep slopes.




For me this is a non issue. If a ball makes it 18 holes, it becomes relegated to 'practice'. But I will say the 20XI was more beat up from wedge shots than similar offerings from titleist. While it is more Durable than the Taylor Made Pentas I played last year. I just finished my second sleeve of the 20XI, and they consistently last 18 holes, or ~80 strokes. I found the ProV1 to be in better shape, even after a bad 90+ round than the 20XI's were at 80 shots. If your a stickler for durability, this is not the ball for you. But if you dont expect more than a single round out of your balls, then the 20XI is a wonderful ball.




I am halfway through my box of Nike 20XI's, and I am extremely happy with the ball. I currently have a backlog of ProV1's (6 boxes), so it may be a while before I switch permanently, but this is definitely my ball of choice as of right now.


I would recommend these balls to any serious player, which is surprising to me, because I did not like ANY of Nikes previous offerings. If you lose a lot of balls, or are looking for a more economic choice, this isn't quite the one for you. But if you lose very few balls, and want premium performance, I would certainly put my stamp of approval on the 20XI. I found it to be wonderful in all areas that were important to me, and played some of my best golf with this ball. I had a difficult time getting yardages down, with a new ball as well as new Irons, but once I did I gained a lot of confidence when playing with this.


Overall: 4.5/5



Pros: distance, distance distance

This nike ball is absolutely the best ball I have played in years. I have been playing the Pro V1x for the past three years. I got the 20xi-s during a demo day at golfsmith in the woodlands, tx. I have played one ball for three rounds 79,79,81. I usually avg around 270 off the tee, with this new nike I avg 295 easily. My playing partners were amazed when I crushed a drive 344 yards on a par 5 needing only a 6iron to hit the green in 2 shots.


I am mostly amazed on how well the ball holds it line on driver,iron, and putts, after three rounds I retired the ball not because of scuff, because I hit the longest drive I ever hit and was able to complete the round.



Pros: ridiculously long off driver, great iron spin, feel

Cons: kinda pricery

  Overall the ball is great. Best one to date, actually. It's long due to 203 rpm's LESS of the driver. It's spinny du to 99 rpm's MORE of the short irons/wedges. It's long AND spinny. Wait, what the hell. It's either one or the other, right. Nope, not anymore thanks to Rock Ishii, and his ingenious crew for the innovative new RZN core. This cause less spin at launch, but controversially more after it get's spinning for more length and control. Alls you really got to do is get it spinning. Simple enough right. Now a comparison because let's be honest the Pro V1 is the most popular ball out there.


 20XI-S for sure, though Pro V1 holds water in the distance category.


Again, Nike trumps Titleist. I couldn't get the Pro V1 to check no matter what I did. With the 20XI-S, if it was a decent shot, it bounces, rolls a foot and stops. With a good shot, it hits, and stops, maybe releasing half a shot. Pro V1 was hit, bounce and realease 5 feet with a good shot. Off full wedges it's great, but didn't notice ridiculous spin around the green, like on flops.


Pro V1 is softer, but not neccesarily better. 20XI-S is more complete.


20XI-S is way high, for me, at least, on a good shot, average on an average one. On a great shot, I feel like it jumps up so that my clubhead travels through the hitting zone before it does like on a well executed lob. Pro V1 was crappy.


20XI-S is FAR better, plain and simple. Give it a shot, you won't be dissapointed


 ************* I am a low spin, low trajectory player, so the spin was great to me. I have trouble producing spin and a high trajectory so this was great.**************


Pros: Amazing spin, absolutely straight off the tee

Cons: durability, no roll on irons

picked up a dozen of the 20XI-S the other day and played 5 rounds with them so far. Love the way the ball feels off the irons and wedges. Relatively soft cover. Wedges and low irons really ding up the cover though. I've never been able to legit stick a 7 iron from 160 yards but with this ball it's easy!


Pros: Holds the green regardless of club used on approach

Cons: durability

I used the 20XI-S yesterday for the first time. I normally use a PD-Soft. I lost no club distance as I did in the past with tour level balls. It does not really feel harder but the sound is totally different especially with irons. I have never been able to back a ball up with spin. I did yesterday a couple of times. Regradless of approach shot to the green iron or fairway wood it stuck. A little dissappointed with the durability. Seems to not be as good as a PD-Soft and they are not known for there durability. Everything has a trade off I guess. I do believe overall I have found my new ball.

Nike 20XI-S

The new Nike 20XI ball features a combination of proprietary technology never before seen in the golf industry, and is the result of four years of collaborative research and development between Nike Golf’s golf ball engineers and a team of material and science experts at DuPont. The game-changing technology replaces conventional rubber cores with a radical new resin material. Resin is a highly neutralized polymer that’s faster and lighter material engineered to produce longer distance and more controlled shots. Faster Ball Speed Equals More Distance · Advancement in proprietary resin core chemistry delivers faster ball speed. · Internal tests with Nike Golf tour athletes have shown an average of 2-3 mph increase in ball speed. · Every 1 mph increase equates to 2-3 yards carry distance. Highest Levels of MOI Provides Longer, Straighter Ball Flight · Lighter core and heavier outer layers result in perimeter weighting. · High MOI assists in reducing driver spin and maintains spin beyond apex to maintain carry and control. · After apex, the higher MOI assists in maintaining spin an average of 100-200 RPM. · 20XI has the highest levels of MOI in a golf ball to date. Steeper Spin Slope Equals More Distance Off the Tee; More Control Around the Green · Less spin off the driver, more off the wedge. · Overall design and MOI assist in reducing driver spin at impact on average of 100 – 200 RPM over prior Nike ball technology. · Softer cover materials allow for greater short iron spin and control. The Nike 20XI franchise will launch two versions of the ball, the 20XI-X (tour-level distance) and 20XI-S (tour-level spin). While both balls deliver on faster speed, higher MOI and steeper spin slope, the 20XI-X is optimized to reduce excess driver spin to maximize distance. The 20XI-S incorporates a softer cover for enhanced greenside spin and control.

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