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Nike 20XI-S

A Review On: Nike 20XI-S

Nike 20XI-S

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Pros: ridiculously long off driver, great iron spin, feel

Cons: kinda pricery

  Overall the ball is great. Best one to date, actually. It's long due to 203 rpm's LESS of the driver. It's spinny du to 99 rpm's MORE of the short irons/wedges. It's long AND spinny. Wait, what the hell. It's either one or the other, right. Nope, not anymore thanks to Rock Ishii, and his ingenious crew for the innovative new RZN core. This cause less spin at launch, but controversially more after it get's spinning for more length and control. Alls you really got to do is get it spinning. Simple enough right. Now a comparison because let's be honest the Pro V1 is the most popular ball out there.


 20XI-S for sure, though Pro V1 holds water in the distance category.


Again, Nike trumps Titleist. I couldn't get the Pro V1 to check no matter what I did. With the 20XI-S, if it was a decent shot, it bounces, rolls a foot and stops. With a good shot, it hits, and stops, maybe releasing half a shot. Pro V1 was hit, bounce and realease 5 feet with a good shot. Off full wedges it's great, but didn't notice ridiculous spin around the green, like on flops.


Pro V1 is softer, but not neccesarily better. 20XI-S is more complete.


20XI-S is way high, for me, at least, on a good shot, average on an average one. On a great shot, I feel like it jumps up so that my clubhead travels through the hitting zone before it does like on a well executed lob. Pro V1 was crappy.


20XI-S is FAR better, plain and simple. Give it a shot, you won't be dissapointed


 ************* I am a low spin, low trajectory player, so the spin was great to me. I have trouble producing spin and a high trajectory so this was great.**************


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