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Great feeling iron with decent forgiveness...

A Review On: Nike CCI Forged Individual Irons with Steel Shaft - Custom Spec

Nike CCI Forged Individual Irons with Steel Shaft - Custom Spec

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Adam Bellaire
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Pros: Standard Length/Lie/Lofts(older lofts 47degree PW)

Cons: durability, weight

I have started playing these irons this winter.  I abosolutely love the way they look at address.  A small to medium clubhead with the traditional blade look, thin topline, and a nice rounded sole to prevent digging.  Being of the forged blade(muscle back) style, they are a little touchy as to where you strike the ball, on the face.  Toe hits ring the hands like a forged blade, heel hits are a little less sensitive but definitly move away from you...strike it in the middle and you won't even feel it.   The sweetspot is buttery smooth and quite hot.  Shaping the ball is almost too easy...again they play more like a muscle back than a cavity back.  The only real down side, I am finding, is the material seems a little soft...i have been using clubhead covers to try and reduce the amount of chatter and dings.  These irons have surpassed my expectations. 


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