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Nike Method Core

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #19 in Putters


Pros: Amazing Roll

Cons: Not as much feel as the Method

groove technology creates forward spin to get a true roll. very nice putter for the price
Nike Method Core

The Nike Method Core putter features a unique polymer-aluminum insert. The Method Core putter has an aluminum insert face with a polymer back that goes all the way through the small milled grooves. The polymer-aluminum insert lessens impact vibrations provides a pure sound, and grabs the ball at impact, resulting in a smooth, more controlled forward roll at impact. This helps eliminate backspin which causes skidding and mis-direction. This revolutionary and visibly distinctive red insert decreases backspin, which was expressed by Nike Golf athletes as an important ingredient to their putting accuracy, distance control and ultimate putting success. The new Nike METHOD CORE putter are available in five models, 3 of which are blades, 1 mid-mallet and 1 mallet. Blades: MC-1i, MC-2i, MC-3i Mallet: MC-4i (mid-mallet), MC-5i

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