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The 2014 Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Bag gets an A+!

A Review On: Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Bag

Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Bag

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Pros: Material, Craftsmanship, Quality, Light-Weight, Sturdy Construction, 14 Individual and Full-Length Dividers, Colors, Abundance of Space and Pockets

Cons: None

This year, I was looking for the perfect golf bag that would provide me with comfort, ease of mind, quality and at least several years of use. In my search, I spent hours and hours researching every light weight stand bag available from several years past to 2014 releases. In all of my searching, the usual suspects that kept on appearing were Sun Mountain and Ogio bags. Knowing that a friend of mine swears by Ogio, I was nearly locked in on my purchase of an Ogio Shredder - until I came across the Nike Performance Hybrid Carry/Stand Bag.

This bag is absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to purchase mine for $175.00 from a local retailer, in the University Red/White Check color scheme. The bags looks, quality, craftsmanship, space and style are exactly what I was looking for and more.

Pockets and Space

First, let's get to the pocket space since this is always a concern when buying a new bag. I am able to fit 14 clubs, a small umbrella, 10 packs of tees, 3 dozen balls in their boxes, a spray can of sunscreen, a 20oz gatorade bottle, golf umbrella, golf glove and I still have 1 large side pocket available, as well as 1 smaller pocket large enough to fit nearly 12 more golf balls (out of their sleeves) empty.

The zipper and seam construction, so far, are above what I expected. I've had the bag for nearly 3 months now and I play 2-3 times per week. The bag currently looks like I just bought it. With many other bags, the "Waterproof" valuables pocket would eventually become Water-Welcome. The cheap nylon/rubber seam which covers the zipper would eventually begin to fray, wilt, tear and simply fall apart. So far, that is not the case with this bag. The bag is also "weatherproof" which Nike includes very subtly in their description and on the tag on the bag. Perhaps they assume you expect it to be with the cost, but I think it's a huge benefit and added bonus with the bag. I was caught in a rain shower and had my wallet, keys and iPhone in the "valuables pocket" 2 weeks ago. Not a drop of water reached anything that was zipped up in my bag.

Looks and Design

The bag looks amazing. I opted for the more "flashy" University Red/White Check color scheme and I am always receiving compliments on the bag. The funny thing is that I have yet to see another golfer have a similar bag on the course though, so I am not sure if the price is a deterrent - but people definitely love the way it looks. The design is also very nice. I love the way that the bag is laid out. The pockets are placed in ideal positions so that if you are walking, everything is easily accessible (obviously), but you can also strap the bag to a cart and still have every pocket with the exception of the small valuables pocket easily accessible.

The 14, individual and full-length dividers are great. Though I use standard grips, I can't imagine anyone having any issues with having clubs stick with mid grips. I will not say there is "no bag chatter" as anyone who claims that is typically a liar, since depending on how you place your clubs in order in your bag, the heads can still swivel and hit each other while reading. I will say, however, that there is less chatter than I have experienced with nearly any other bag that I have ever owned. As you will see in the picture of my bag below, the individual club cavities are exceptionally wide and provide a lot of space for each club's grip.

Here is my bag:

Legs and Stand Mechanism

The legs are absolutely amazing as well. They are extremely sturdy and do not slip! I've owned several stand bags in the past that would slip on slightly wet "polished/smooth" garage floor concrete. Let's face it, the stuff turns into a sheet of ice when wet. However, these legs have little rubber plugs on the end of them that provide extra stability so that the bag does not slip or slide around. The legs are very well designed and manufactured as I have yet to see any wear on them in terms of them being loose or having any play in them. The legs never become tangled or out of place and the bag just needs the slightest little nudge forward to deploy them. When you tip the bag forward to deploy the legs, you can feel just how sturdy the mechanical aspects of the bag are. Everything is very solid and rigid and it gives you the impression that it will last for years.


If you are in the market for a new bag and you do not mind spending anywhere between $150-200 (it will solely depend on the retailer and any applicable sales/discounts online), I would highly recommend this bag to you. I know of only one other person that owns this bag in person and they play 5-6 rounds per week, walking, and their bag still looks as new as mine does. I am very happy with my purchase and I look forward to using this bag for many years to come.


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