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Great Driver for those on a budget

A Review On: Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Tour Driver

Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Tour Driver

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Pros: Adjustable, Value, Feel

This review is coming a few years late, but I'm a golfer on a budget so I tend to use older equipment.  Let me first begin with this club is a bargain now, if you're like me and buy clubs a few model years old then this is a club you need to check out.


This club is by far the best driver I've ever used.  It's also the first adjustable driver I've used and after some tweaking I've found a setting that has been working for me.  This driver has been in my bag all season and after some trial and error I feel I can give an accurate review of how this club is performing.  It's been 2 months since I last adjusted it and I don't see any need making changes now. When hit well the ball has a low ball flight with a slight fade.  Of course if this isn't your desired ball flight you can tweak it to how you want to hit it.


The club hits very consistent.  Maybe it's because I'm finally getting back into form, or maybe I'm actually getting better but mishits with this driver won't cost you.  I do have it set to open so most of my misses are far left (I'm a lefty). 


Overall, for anyone looking for an upgrade to an old set of clubs this is a must buy.  It's cheap now, hits well, and in my opinion looks very nice.


I just purchased the vr 2 pro friday and should be getting it this week *hopefully before league*. From what I read it is basically everything this driver is plus a few improvements. How much did this driver cost you and was it new?
This is my driver. (also have the 3 and 5w, and the 4H). they are all great clubs for feel, sound. consistency, look. Couldn't be happier.
Note - the head broke off and Nike fixed it under warranty. (Happens on the ProjX shafts stiffer versions - 6.0, 6.5. they replaced it with the Diamana Ahina shaft - like on the 'Limited' VR Pros. GREAT SHAFT. I also had a rattle in the driver too. Nike to take care of that too. I get mine back tomorrow. Never an issue on the Fairway woods or the hybrid. (They do note the woods and hybrids are a design for 'more advanced players'. I have no idea what that means. It's a good club.
With all the clearance and used ones out there, I'm considering getting the rest of the set of hybrids to have as options (3h, 2h, 1h) just saw a used 2h with a 6.0 shaft for $39 yesterday.
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