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Very versatile GI Improvement Iron that offers player's irons characteristics

A Review On: Nike VR Pro Cavity

Nike VR Pro Cavity

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Pros: Easy to Hit, good looking, consistent

Cons: Ball flight is very high with short irons, extra distance is the result of very strong lofts

     After playing blades for several years and then quitting golf altogether, I decided that when I began playing again this year I would trade in my old blades for something more forgiving. I decided on the VR Pro Cavities after trying out several different irons from all the major brands.

     I found that for a GI club the Nike Pro Cavity still offered a lot of the feel that I was use to with the blades but provided the forgiveness of a GI iron that I was looking for. The first few rounds required an adjustment to the much stronger lofts and as a result the extra distance but that was a relatively simple adjustment. The set I purchased is comprised of 4-GW with the stock Dynalite 110 steel shafts.

     The long and mid irons (4-8)  are very easy to hit and provide a mid/high ball flight that lands very soft. It also relatively easy to move the ball from either direction with consistency which is something that I was worried about coming from a true muscle back blade to a cavity back iron.  The cavity back provides excellent forgiveness on mishits with minimal loss in distance however the sound at impact is quick to remind you when you have mishit the club. The short irons like the long and mid irons are easy to hit however the ball flight does tend to get a little high.

     The look of the club at address is attractive and while the irons have a thicker topline than more traditional clubs it is not overstated and blends in very well with what is overall a very attractive club. I have only had the clubs a few months and as a result a cannot comment on their durability but to date the clubs are holding up very well. I purchased these clubs for about half of their original retail value during a clearance at a local golf shop and for the price they offer exceptional value.

     I would recommend these irons to a broad range of golfers as a result of their playability for single digit handicaps all the way up to a 20 handicap. 


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