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Nike VR Pro Driver


Pros: Undersized (pearshape) Head, Very hot face...higher than average clubhead speeds

Cons: durability...and length

Have been playing the VR Pro driver for 2 years now...absolutely love it.  I am playing a shortened (44.5") VRPro Ltd, non adjustable.   I first started with the Str8 fit model, after breaking two of the head's off at the nut, I sent it back to nike and they sent me the Limited model...Wow, I was impressed with the Str8 fit but the Ltd model blow's me away.  I would definitly recommend this club to anyone who likes looking down at a reasonably smaller club head with the old school pear shape.  I have never driven the ball so well.


Pros: Long, Light, and Quality build

Cons: non yet

I have owned this driver for about a year now with maybe 30-40 rounds on it and it seem to keeps getting better!!!

Very easy to control and hit. You dont have to hit it on the "screws" to put it out there a good distance. The addition of the str8 fit shaft can be very helpful to many hacks out there as-well. Go from neutral, draw, or fade with the tool. It maybe not as fast to do as the R11, but its also $150 less.


I would recomend to people with a 100+mph swing without hesitation. Less mph may wany to go another route


Pros: Rock solid

Cons: $400

You have to include this club in your next driver selection process...I tried every driver in the shop and this just was the most consistent driver. Could not believe the Taylormade did nothing for my drives.  The Calloway Razr was a close second but I liked the idea of the extra $100 for the adjustability.  105 mph club head speed launched the ball straight and true. 


Go to a fitting specialist with a vector launch monitor...you will be glad you did.   


Pros: distance, adjustability

Cons: wont fix swing path, just kidding

As the previous commented, met all the expectations with out the disappointing hype. I to used a launch monitor and compared every club in the shop. The club head speed on the nike was a constant 94. The best of any other clubs was an 86. Do yourself a favor and hit it for one round and you to will see hype only goes so far.


Pros: Huge distance, adjustability, stock shaft, look

Cons: unersized head

Have not been a Nike golf supporter in the past.  Demo'ed 5-6 drivers including Titleist 910, Taylormade R11, TM Burner, Callaway Razr.  I would not have even looked at the Nike except the pro asked me to hit it.  Amazingly, it had great power and feel.  In the launch monitor it consisently provided 5-8 yards of additional distance and the dispersion ratio was 1 yard less than the Titleist.  It did take some convincing from myself to actually plunk down $400 for a Nike but I'm happy I did at this point.  The club has 32 adjustable positions which was another great option.  The Titleist was close but 5 yards behind.


I was amazed at how over-hyped the R11 was....wasn't even close in terms of feel or distance.  Do yourself a favor and try the Nike with 2-3 others and I'm sure you will be amazed at how good of a club they've made for 2011.

Nike VR Pro Driver

Nike VR Pro Driver, Project X Graphite shaft, STR8-Fit Technology, 440cc (8.5° and 9.5°)/460cc (9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°) This driver has a pear shaped Tour-driven head designed with direct input from Nike athletes. The pear shape allows for more weight at the optimal center of gravity (CG) locations and delivers a hotter launch with optimal spin for the game’s best players. The VR Pro driver features a new Variable Compression Channel, which increases speed at impact in more spots on the clubface. This Compression Channel extends the entire length of the face and delivers greater distance on draws, stingers, high cuts, fades or straight shots. With the extended length of the Compression Channel and with the variation in the thickness in specific locations, it allows players to garner more ball speed which translates to greater distance. This premium driver provides golfers all the benefits, adjustability, looks and performance that the Nike athletes receive week in and week out on Tour. The VR Pro driver expands upon Nike’s award-winning STR8-FIT Face Angle Technology, giving players both the ability to select their shot shape as well as the flexibility to dial in the look of their driver like never before. The VR Pro driver offers multiple face angle positions for the ultimate in workability and confidence at address. The Nike VR Pro drivers are designed for golfers who are refining and optimizing distance in their game, desire a more traditional pear-shape look and demand tailored performance with pinpoint accuracy. The Nike VR Pro driver is sold with the Project X shaft which helps this driver have the optimal launch and carry. This shaft utilizes zoned optimization for three unique technologies in one tour-ready shaft.

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