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VR-S Forged offers cavity, forgiveness and feel

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Pros: Clean head design hides cavity from address view, club easy to line up

Cons: Very costly for average golfer

I was fortunate to test out this club extensively at a St. Louis area regiona demo day. I came into Nike's tent when many of the visiting golfers were at lunch.


The head design has a cavity back, but this is hidden from the golfer at address. The face is an almost trapezoidal design with almost straight lines at the edges rather than curves. The sole, however, is slightly rounded from heel to toe. The metal is 8620 steel (for you science buffs), and has a soft, silver finish to it, somewhat like the Ping Ansers.


I used the stock shaft: a Nippon NS Pro 950GH HL (high launch); this Stiff Flex version weighs about 98 grams.


My current irons have PX 5.0 rifle flighted, and I'm considering something lighter. Of the various irons I hit that day, I tried to get 90-105 gram shafts when possible.


I hit several shots each with the 6i, 4i, 8i and PW (in that order). The 6i shots, after a couple of pulls, started flying high and straight. I asked the Nike guy if these were really stiff shafts, since I was moving through the ball so nicely. He showed me the labels.


Next came the litmus test: the 4i. I somehow banged out five fairly decent shots, high and with good shape. The Nike guy said those shots proved I should go ahead and buy the irons.


The 8i shots were heavy at first, but I started getting good shape. I even pulled off a couple of fades, not bad for a draw guy.


The PW shots started with two chunkers, but then I got back into the groove. I hit a couple of quarter and half wedges that had excellent direction (...maybe I could just buy the PW?)


During the test I hit some shots a little heavy, but the club didn't hang up and I didn't lose much distance.


I was particularly surprised I had fairly decent form for the VR-S test, as I had hit about 70 full shots before lunch. Part of it was luck, I think, that the shaft length and lie angle seemed to fit me to a T.


Overall, I liked the feel of the irons. They were easy to line up, with only a modest amount of offset in the head. The NS Pro shaft seemed to fit me well. I had hit a friend's Bridgestone J36 irons with 1050GH stiff shafts, and was surprised that I could get through the ball smoothly. (I dumped stiff three years ago, although I've slipped back that way with the PX 5.0).


If I got these irons, I would probably opt for the standard, mid-kick 950GH shafts; I was tired for the test, but still got the ball up plenty high with the HT version.


So, I would suggest those who put out the money make sure you get a shaft that works well for you. The stock shaft is helpful, but may be too helpful for stronger players.


Great job by Nike: Forged cavity that hits a sweet shot.






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