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Straight Down the Middle!

A Review On: Nike VRS Covert Driver

Nike VRS Covert Driver

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Pros: Very tight shot disersion

Cons: low flight with KK shaft

After several launch monitor sessions, i pulled the trigger on the VRS Covert Driver the first week of June. I have now had over 15 rounds with it and absolutely love it.


Initially, I set it at 10.5* Neutral.  Flight was very low, so i bumped it to 11.5*, then after about 3 rounds, settled on the 12.5* Neutral setting. I also added about 1/4" to my tee height, so that about 2/3 of the ball is above the clubhead.  With this setting, I am now getting 220, 230, & 243 yards on my drives. Previously, I was getting 210-225 with my Powerbilt AFO w/PX 5.0 shaft.


I almost ordered the driver with the PX 5.0 shaft (no upcharge) but it was going to take 3-4 weeks.  Decided to run with the Kuro Kage Regular shaft after trying the Stiff, the Silver (70 gm) then the Black Regular at 60 grms.  There was a noticeable difference in distance for me.  My SS is 87-95 mph.


On the course my drives have been straight down the fairway.  when I have a dogleg right, I open my grip slightly and get a nice fade.


Pros:  Clubhead style is a pear shaped teardrop with red finish.  Sets up nicely at address. Flight is deadon straight down the pike.


Cons:  Occasionally, I tend to pull it. That is just me overswinging or standing too close to the ball.


Overall, this was a great purchase, especially since Dick's had it at $50 off in June.


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