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Nike VR_S Covert Drivers Review

A Review On: Nike VRS Covert Driver

Nike VRS Covert Driver

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Pros: Great sound, look nice, feel terrific.

Cons: Low launch.

When we contacted Nike about doing a review of the Covert drivers, Nike was kind enough to send me both, and asked that one be sent back upon completion of the review. That means I, like most consumers out there, have a choice to make between what really aren't terribly different drivers.

Why aren't they that different? Because, like most drivers on the market, with the right shaft adjusted for their launch conditions, anyone will hit them the same distance. They are both long off the tee, on par with anything else out there. They also both hit the ball reasonably high, with moderately low amounts of spin.

The performance differences are subtle, and align right along with what you would expect. The regular Covert is certainly more forgiving on off-center hits, in terms of distance and gear effect. The Tour launches a bit lower and spins a touch less. Because I generally launch the ball too high and spin the ball a smidgen too much, that gave me a more distance.

But the real dichotomy between the two Covert drivers, as well as what differentiates them from other drivers on the market, is superficial. The red crown is something you're going to have to weigh against white or black offerings from the rest of the industry. The Tour certainly looks better, with its black accents and smaller size, but that size is something you will have to measure against the way it affects the performance. The sound and feel differences between the two Coverts was, amazingly, the most important disparity I found.

I like both drivers more than I thought I would. The look of the Tour is simply sinister, and I love the way it launches. It has kicked the SuperQuad from my bag, though I never really got over how awesome the regular Covert felt. Every single shot just felt like a rocket off the face, and it did wonders for my confidence, which is something I think the vast majority of people will find very, very appealing.


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