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Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa Line of Putters

A Review On: Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa Putters #7 Right 35.0

Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa Putters #7 Right 35.0

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Pros: looks, ability to customize the club to your individual preferences, feel, quality, milled face,

Cons: price

Odyssey has really stepped up in their game recently, by offering products that cater to those that want a very high quality putter with the option to customize the club to best fit the individual.  While the Versa line of putters has been very successful, the Versa line was only appealing to those that were okay putting with an insert.  This obviously leaves out a huge chunk of the golfing population that prefer to putt with a milled putter.  At a price point of under $200, the Versa line was a mid range price that appealed to many people but left out the crowd that fancied a top quality putter that was in line with Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi.  Some people, including myself, saw Odyssey as the Hyundai of putter manufacturers back when Hyundai produced cheap vehicles that got from point a to point b but without the quality or the luxury of other vehicles.  Don't get me wrong, Odyssey has always made good putters, but for people like myself that wanted a top quality putter, Odyssey just did not offer that kind of putter that was top quality and also came with the options that other putter manufacturers had - option of changing weights, high quality headcovers, etc.


Coming off of the very successful of the limited release Metal X Milled Line of Putters, Odyssey combined the success of metal x with a milled putter and added the revolutionary Versa system for aligning putts by releasing the Metal X Milled Versa Line.  It is a very high quality putter that comes with it's own weight kit, high quality grip, very nice headcover that is not velcro.  Add in a smooth looking black shaft and you have a putter that is priced like a Cameron, has the same quality as a Cameron, and is equal to if not better than Cameron.  This is coming from someone that used to only use Camerons for years and has had at least 2 dozen SC's. 


I knew I already liked the metal x milled putter as I had purchased a #1 model of the metal x milled a couple of months ago.  So when the Metal X Milled Versa line came out, I had to get one as it looks even better than the metal x milled version and also provides a system of lining up putts that is clearly working for many people.  I purchased the #7 model of the metal x milled versa line and have not been disappointed.  While I value performance over looks, it's always nice to have great looks in addition to performance.  I personally believe that it's the best looking putter I've seen in a while and the performance is there.  The ball comes off the face very nicely in my opinion.  It has the milled face feel that I love (I'm not so hot on inserts).  The #7 model is also the one that has the bigger #7 instead of the smaller #7 head that was on the regular versa line.  I've read and heard that some people like this and some don't.  Personally I like the bigger #7 head rather than the smaller one so that works for me but that is a potential downside if you prefer the smaller #7 head. 


While the metal x milled line was a limited production by Odyssey of just 8,000 putters, I have not read or heard anywhere that the metal x milled versa line is a limited production.  The weight kit is great and I have been able to tinker with the weight to get it just right.  Kudos to Odyssey for building a great putter.  From someone that last year at this time would have never dreamed of using an Odyssey (I was only about Camerons because of the quality and milled face), Odyssey has built a line of putters that was good enough to win my business.  If you are like me in that you prefer a milled putter of very high quality and don't mind spending some extra bucks to get what you want then I am sure that you will love this line of putters.  For those that believe the price is too high, I can understand that side of it too.  One thing that I think everyone will agree on is that the Metal X Milled Versa line of putters is the best line of putters to come from Odyssey.


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