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Orange Whip Training Aid

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Swing Aids


Pros: Builds rhythm, balance, and power

Appearance - Hold it and the Whip oozes quality and durability. It has heft and flex throughout the club - but not too much - it flexes less below the grip and becomes progressively more flexible as it proceeds towards the tip. Its appearance gives the impression of steel - but since it flexes, it is high quality plastics - a golf grip on one end, a thicker middle, a thinner tip, and topped with an orange sphere that offers weight at the tip end of the Whip. The "white" Whip is 47.5 inches and 1.76 lbs. The "golden" Whip is 44 inches and 1.76 lbs. White and Golden refer to the small ball atop the grip end.


Overall Feel - I suggest you start slowly and make slow 1/8 swings and feel what the Whip is doing. Relax and Look without controlling it. The heft of the club quiets your hands and arms and allows you to observe and feel as the midsection and tip end flexes.


Exercises - See  http://www.orangewhiptrainer.com/technique.php


1. The Torso Twist is enlightening. It taught me to almost squeeze my toes into the ground to initiate the turn of the lower body. With today's emphasis on "jumping" during the swing to generate more power, you will get the feel from the ground up.


2. Hinging Forearm Rotation: I use this exercise to slowly coordinate the Torso Twist and the sequencing and rhythm of a half swing with one arm (and then the other).


3. Full Swing Drill: I use this exercise to practice elements of my swing as I place them into my swing. I start slowly with small turns, gradually working into a full swing, but going slowly and in rhythm and balance so I can feel and observe at first, and then feel as I go mindless and let the rhythm take over. I also like to feel the power of the lower body "whip" more speed into the swing without forcing it.


The technique section is helpful with hints for enhancing the exercises. It suggests closing your eyes so you can feel and be sensitive to your swing. You are performing a complex act without thinking, in rhythm and with speed. But it seems effortless. 


Now let's take that to the golf course.




The temptation will be to whip the Whip into a full swing frenzy. Avoid that temptation. Print out the technique from the link above or follow it on your Pad or Laptop.


I believe the Whip will be an excellent addition to your bag. Use it correctly, and more in the off-season so your brain remembers what to tell your muscles, and to build rhythm, balance and power in an effortless manner by using your primary tools of brain, body, and talent.


Pros: Easy to use, great for training and warm-ups

Cons: Price

OK, so you are holding a whippy stick with an orange on the end. You will do anything to improve your golf swing, even swing the orange. What benefit can it possibly have? These are some of my initial thoughts when I first saw this product, but after reading the incredible online reviews, I decided to take a gamble. 


I picked up my Orange Whip from a local supplier and started with the recommended exercises. I found the real benefit is just by doing the fluid full swings without stopping the motion. I used this product more than suggested working up to 75-100 swings at least 4 days a week. I also took it to the range and would swing it to loosen up and then after every 20 balls. I noticed that after a few weeks, my tempo and balance were better, my backswing was more on plane, and I was more efficient through the impact zone. My release is more delayed and my short iron flight is lower and improved. The Orange Whip is a great product because it gives you immediate feedback and by using it daily it will train you on how to swing the club in the proper sequence with lag. All in all, I wish I would have had this product when I first started playing. 


Pros: Easy to use, immediate feedback

Cons: Length, potential to promote improper motion

The Orange Whip is swing aid which targets proper swing tempo through the use of an extra flexible shaft and weighted “club head”.  The club head is actually a dense rubber ball about the size… you guessed it… the size of an orange.  The orange ball is counter-weighted by a golf ball sized weight at the grip end.  By using an extra flexible shaft and heavy club head, the Orange Whip will quickly let you know if your swing is slightly out of sequence.

I have really liked the idea of removing the traditional club head shape because it keeps your mind focused on one task, tempo.  If the club head were shaped more like a traditional club head, I could easily see someone trying to work on parts of the swing not intended for the Orange Whip.  The large orange ball has also provided a secondary benefit.  With a slower, smooth swing, the eye can pick up a glimpse of your swing path.  Again the Orange Whip’s main target is swing tempo, so I wouldn’t try to fix swing path with this aid, but it can provide some indication of an out-to-in or in-to-out path.
The Orange Whip also has some published secondary benefits.  The included material and Orange Whip website provide some warm-up exercises recommended to be completed before getting into the full swing.  The exercises not only provide a warm-up, but they also help to increase flexibility, which we all know is very useful in golf.  Each time I have used my Orange Whip, it has been a short 30 min or less session, and every time I have been slightly fatigued at the end.  At just under 2 pounds, the Orange Whip forces you to engage your entire body to control the weight and achieve the desired tempo in your swing.  Although it is winter here in Ohio, I will use the Orange Whip throughout the winter season, and am excited to see the results come spring time.

There are a couple downsides to the Orange Whip.  The first is no secret, the length.  My Orange Whip is the longest version at 47” long.  This makes it very tough to use indoors unless you have at least 9 ft ceilings.  My garage has 9.5 ft ceilings and I have been able to use the Orange Whip without much issue.  This is really only an issue for colder climates, like Ohio, where it can be tough to get outside during certain months.  Luckily though, Orange Whip does provide two other models which are progressively shorter, and could allow better indoor use.

The other downside, is consistent through most training aids, not just the Orange Whip and that’s repetition.  While you will definitely develop a good feeling for proper tempo, you must be careful you are not gaining great tempo for a bad swing.  To guard against this, I have made use of a mirror and/or video.  This has provided me with a simple check against other swing faults creeping in and becoming “comfortable”.

Overall, I have loved having the opportunity to use the Orange Whip, am excited to continue using it, and look forward to seeing full results in the spring. 


Pros: Easy to use, Good Warm-up tool, Works as advertised

Cons: Does not come with instructional CD in package




The Orange Whip Training Aid promotes itself as doing the following:


From the Orange Whip site:


THE ORANGE WHIP is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today's golfer and athlete.  It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market.  Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout.


I received the Orange Whip Training Aid as part of the review program here on The Sand Trap.  I was anxious to try this particular training aid as I have flexibility, tempo, and balances issues in my swing. On the day I received the training aid I went on-line to their website to learn about the different exercises I should be doing and how to correctly use the aid.  The website had how to videos that were clear and concise on how to use their product, how often you should use it, and what the exercise should do for you. 


After watching the videos I followed their suggested work out plan for a two week period to see if it worked as advertised.  I am happy to say that I think the Orange Whip Training Aid is a great training tool and does what it is designed to do.  I feel like I was able to improve my tempo, flexibility, and balance within a small two week period.  I am anxious to continue using the training aid as I feel like the longer I use it the more improvement I will see. 


Another Pro to using the Orange Whip Training Aid is that it is great for warming up prior to your round of golf.  I took it to the course with me on four to five occasions and opted to use it,instead of buying a bucket of balls, for my warm-up.  I followed the exercises on their web site again and found that my muscles were warm, my back was limber, and my swing was smooth.  I also saved a few bucks by not having to purchase a bucket of range balls. 


Another reviewer mentioned this and I will put an emphasis on it as well.  When using the Orange Whip Training Aid make sure that you are swinging as correctly as you can and resist the urge to just swing as hard as you can.  If you are repeatedly doing things incorrectly it could be damaging to your swing.  This is not a fault with the training aid but simply a warning to follow their exercises and guide lines while also being as focused on YOUR swing as much as possible. 


I will say that if you are looking for a training aid that will improve your balance, tempo, and flexibility, you should enjoy this product.  It is easy to use, easy to store in your golf bag, and can easily be used on the golf course for warm-up. 


Cons:  The only real complaint I have is that the training aid did not come with an instructional CD that a lot of other products use.  As this point in time to you will have to access their website in order to really learn how to use the product and what type of work outs you should be doing.  Now I understand that most people can access the Internet these days and this would not be a big deal to a lot of people.  However, I travel a lot and every where I stayed did not have Internet access.  It was at these times that I would have enjoyed having the information accessible on a CD delivered with my training aid.  It does come with a small instructional pamphlet but it does not provide a lot of information that is accessible on their website. 


Sizes: I do want to note that the Orange Whip Training Aid comes in two different sizes so it is easily used by men and women of all statures.  The two different lengths are 47.5" and 44". 


Pros: Well built, easy to use, simple instructions

Cons: Too long for indoor use in normal house


I received the Orange Whip Training Aid as part of the Member Review program.  If first heard about this training aid on the Stan Utley site, a well known short game and putting expert.  Utley claimed that he rarely uses or endorses training aids, but this was the exception.  Stan liked the Orange Whip because it promotes a smooth swing sequence and will identify when you are out of balance or off in your swing sequence timing.


From the Orange Whip site:


THE ORANGE WHIP is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today's golfer and athlete.  It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market.  Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout.


These are significant claims.  So I was excited to try this out.


One of my weaknesses is flexibility in my upper body.  I was anxious to see if the Orange Whip could improve both the backswing and the follow through.  I also wanted to see if it would identify out of balance issues.




The ORANGE WHIP has a long, flexible weighted shaft similar to a driver shaft with a heavy weighted ball at the tip and a counter weight at the butt end of the shaft.  It differs from other copy-cat flexible trainers like the SKLZ Golf Flex in that the tip weight is much heavier.  The grip is similar to leather wrap grips.  The ORANGE WHIP is 47 1/2" long and weighs a hefty 1.76 pounds.






It is not promoted as a swing speed trainer either like the Momentus Golf Swing Speed trainer.




Being very heavy and flexible, the ORANGE WHIP is designed to be used as a low impact strength and flexibility trainer.  The idea is to start gently swinging the ORANGE WHIP back and forth in gradually longer swing arcs building to a full swing.  But as with any training with weights, you should warm the muscles up first.


The instructions provide two warm up drills, The Torso Twist and Hinging Forearm Rotation.



Torso Twist                               


The Torso Twist didn’t do anything for me.  It did not feel any benefit or warm up.  I would recommend instead to do arm circles with light weights and light weight rotation instead.  This will warm up the shoulder muscles and rotatory cuff more effectively.  You should also warm up the hips and legs.





Hinged Forearm Rotation.


Hinging Forearm Rotation definitely warmed up the wrists and forearms.  Take care not to be too aggressive with this the first few times or your wrists will be sore the next day.  Being 1.76 pounds with a long shaft, the ORANGE WHIP can put a lot of torsional stress on your wrists.


The primary Full Swing Drill has many benefits. 




Primary Swing Drill at A4


First, as you build to a longer swing you will notice issues when out of balance or off in your swing sequence timing.  The weighted end will move off its smooth arc and go wild.  Check out the site for video examples.




Secondly, as you build to the full swing, you will start to really feel it in your core muscles around your trunk.  You really work the abs and lats and will feel some fatigue, which is great.  I do a lot of core workouts, some golf specific, and this is a good addition.


Lastly, ORANGE WHIP doesn’t emphasize this on their site, but you should try to really focus on form during the drill.  Try to maintain all your backswing, downswing and finish keys.  Do the drill slowly at first. Then build to faster speeds.  But always focus on form.


I am lucky to have a large mirror at my work gym to watch my form.  I brought the ORANGE WHIP to this gym to use in front of the mirror.  If you have one, this will really help.




I have used it for two weeks (five days each).  I noticed after a couple of days that it was easier to stretch to a higher top of backswing (A4) and better finish (A10).  I am 52, so it takes me a bit to warm up, but getting there was faster after just two days.





A4 position.  Note the stretch in the lats, lower shoulder muscles and tricep.





Similar results at A10.  Older guys like me have trouble

Getting to this position.


I expect after using it all winter, along with my other weight and flexibility training, my flexibility will improve.  The one advantage the ORANGE WHIP has is the finish position.  It is hard to find stretching exercises to work this area and I feel the ORANGE WHIP will help a lot.  It is heavy and will put a gentle stretch on the shoulder and arm muscles at the finish if I maintain good form and not be too aggressive.


For the swing, I seem to have a smooth swing already (thanks Evolvr) because I had no issues with the Full Swing Drill with respect to timing and balance.


Because the yellow ball end is very big and bright, you can really see if your swing path is in-to-out or other.  If you put down an alignment stick, you can watch the ball pass over the stick and see the path.  I even did a bit of experimenting with subtle changes to see how it affects the path.


On the course


Being near winter, I haven’t brought the ORANGE WHIP to the course yet.  I did use the same methods to warm up though (Hinged Forearm Drill and Full Swing Drill).  This helped a lot on these cold New England December days.  I even used the method during the round while waiting to tee off so I wouldn’t stiffen up.  At 52, you stiffen up during a round.  Go figure.


One thing the ORANGE WHIP does force you to do it take back the club head in one smooth deliberate motion.  If you are too early in flexing your wrists, or try to go back too fast, it will show.  This should really help on the course for those times I get a bit too fast on my takeaway.


In the end, I think it will take a few months of dedicated work with the ORANGE WHIP to really see the benefit.  There are no instant fixes.  I spent last off season getting my shoulder flexibility back after surgery and working on balance, core strength and swing path. 


Now with the ORANGE WHIP I will work on a smooth, repeatable takeaway and increasing the length of my swing both back and finish.  I tend to finish too short and my ball flight can get lower during a round as I stiffen up.


I will also get the medium length ORANGE WHIP for use in my range practice and for my wife to use.  I am keeping the long one at my gym for daily work.


I will post an update in March to give the flexibility and other results.




Pros: Easy to use, seems to do what it is advertised to do. Good workout in short amount of time.

Cons: Too long to be used indoors

I recently received the Orange Whip Trainer to write a review on. There are 3 models and I am using the 47 inch one. It came with a DVD of basically commercials with some tips on how to use it. Of course I am a bit too impatient to read or watch anything so I took it out to the backyard and started to swing away. Since I wasn’t sure I was really getting anything out of it, I decided to watch the informational videos with suggested drills.

There are drills to improve flexibility, one armed drills and full swing drills. All 3 drills seem to have given me some improvement in the little time I have had the club.

One of the purposes of this training aid is to not have a ball disturb you. In that regard, the orange whip gets an A+. By starting out with slow half swings and slowly increasing the length of the swing and then the speed, it seems to groove your body into the perfect swing without thinking. If you try to force the swing, your body will be thrown off.

The Orange Whip is flexible, yet sturdy. There is a weighted orange ball where the club head would be and a counter weight above the grip.

This club is definitely heavier than the previous weighted club I was using and it really feels like a workout swinging it continuously for 8-10 minutes each day. My muscles feel it when the workout is done and they claim that 10 minutes of using it is a good cardio workout also.

I can say in the 3 rounds I have played since receiving the Orange Whip, my tempo has improved, my ball striking has greatly improved and if I worked a bit more on my chipping – my scores would improve.

The only drawback I found with this club is that it is too long to make full swings in the house(there are other shorter options), but living in Florida leaves me with warm enough weather to step outside for a few minutes each night.
Orange Whip Training Aid

The Orange Whip is the ideal golf swing trainer and the perfect fitness tool for golfers. Simple and efficient, the Orange Whip was developed to be the most dynamic and practical golf swing aid on the market. It will improve your golf swing and provide a core-muscle workout focused on the golf-specific muscles. Each end of the Orange Whip has a unique weighting system that works together with the flexible shaft to improve your golf swing and physical fitness. The Orange Whip conditions the user to maintain balance and swing in an athletic motion that creates greater power, accuracy and consistency. - The most dynamic and practical golf swing aid on the market - Conditions user to maintain balance and swing in an athletic motion - The perfect fitness tool for golfers - Simple and efficient to use - The ideal golf swing trainer

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