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An Excellent Addition to Your Bag

A Review On: Orange Whip Training Aid

Orange Whip Training Aid

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: Builds rhythm, balance, and power

Appearance - Hold it and the Whip oozes quality and durability. It has heft and flex throughout the club - but not too much - it flexes less below the grip and becomes progressively more flexible as it proceeds towards the tip. Its appearance gives the impression of steel - but since it flexes, it is high quality plastics - a golf grip on one end, a thicker middle, a thinner tip, and topped with an orange sphere that offers weight at the tip end of the Whip. The "white" Whip is 47.5 inches and 1.76 lbs. The "golden" Whip is 44 inches and 1.76 lbs. White and Golden refer to the small ball atop the grip end.


Overall Feel - I suggest you start slowly and make slow 1/8 swings and feel what the Whip is doing. Relax and Look without controlling it. The heft of the club quiets your hands and arms and allows you to observe and feel as the midsection and tip end flexes.


Exercises - See  http://www.orangewhiptrainer.com/technique.php


1. The Torso Twist is enlightening. It taught me to almost squeeze my toes into the ground to initiate the turn of the lower body. With today's emphasis on "jumping" during the swing to generate more power, you will get the feel from the ground up.


2. Hinging Forearm Rotation: I use this exercise to slowly coordinate the Torso Twist and the sequencing and rhythm of a half swing with one arm (and then the other).


3. Full Swing Drill: I use this exercise to practice elements of my swing as I place them into my swing. I start slowly with small turns, gradually working into a full swing, but going slowly and in rhythm and balance so I can feel and observe at first, and then feel as I go mindless and let the rhythm take over. I also like to feel the power of the lower body "whip" more speed into the swing without forcing it.


The technique section is helpful with hints for enhancing the exercises. It suggests closing your eyes so you can feel and be sensitive to your swing. You are performing a complex act without thinking, in rhythm and with speed. But it seems effortless. 


Now let's take that to the golf course.




The temptation will be to whip the Whip into a full swing frenzy. Avoid that temptation. Print out the technique from the link above or follow it on your Pad or Laptop.


I believe the Whip will be an excellent addition to your bag. Use it correctly, and more in the off-season so your brain remembers what to tell your muscles, and to build rhythm, balance and power in an effortless manner by using your primary tools of brain, body, and talent.


Have you used it with the peel?
No, but if Orange Whip Mgmt would send me one ...
i cant help but wonder if this helps or hurts with casting? i can imagine that a heavier weight at the end of the whip might encourage throwing the hands and casting to get the weight to where its supposed to be. but of course, i have no experience with the whip so i dont know...
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