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Finally a swing aid that works for me

A Review On: Orange Whip Training Aid

Orange Whip Training Aid

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Pros: Easy to use, seems to do what it is advertised to do. Good workout in short amount of time.

Cons: Too long to be used indoors

I recently received the Orange Whip Trainer to write a review on. There are 3 models and I am using the 47 inch one. It came with a DVD of basically commercials with some tips on how to use it. Of course I am a bit too impatient to read or watch anything so I took it out to the backyard and started to swing away. Since I wasn’t sure I was really getting anything out of it, I decided to watch the informational videos with suggested drills.

There are drills to improve flexibility, one armed drills and full swing drills. All 3 drills seem to have given me some improvement in the little time I have had the club.

One of the purposes of this training aid is to not have a ball disturb you. In that regard, the orange whip gets an A+. By starting out with slow half swings and slowly increasing the length of the swing and then the speed, it seems to groove your body into the perfect swing without thinking. If you try to force the swing, your body will be thrown off.

The Orange Whip is flexible, yet sturdy. There is a weighted orange ball where the club head would be and a counter weight above the grip.

This club is definitely heavier than the previous weighted club I was using and it really feels like a workout swinging it continuously for 8-10 minutes each day. My muscles feel it when the workout is done and they claim that 10 minutes of using it is a good cardio workout also.

I can say in the 3 rounds I have played since receiving the Orange Whip, my tempo has improved, my ball striking has greatly improved and if I worked a bit more on my chipping – my scores would improve.

The only drawback I found with this club is that it is too long to make full swings in the house(there are other shorter options), but living in Florida leaves me with warm enough weather to step outside for a few minutes each night.


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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Training Aids › Swing Aids › Orange Whip Training Aid › Reviews › meenman's Review