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A Review On: Orange Whip Training Aid

Orange Whip Training Aid

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Pros: Easy to use, immediate feedback

Cons: Length, potential to promote improper motion

The Orange Whip is swing aid which targets proper swing tempo through the use of an extra flexible shaft and weighted “club head”.  The club head is actually a dense rubber ball about the size… you guessed it… the size of an orange.  The orange ball is counter-weighted by a golf ball sized weight at the grip end.  By using an extra flexible shaft and heavy club head, the Orange Whip will quickly let you know if your swing is slightly out of sequence.

I have really liked the idea of removing the traditional club head shape because it keeps your mind focused on one task, tempo.  If the club head were shaped more like a traditional club head, I could easily see someone trying to work on parts of the swing not intended for the Orange Whip.  The large orange ball has also provided a secondary benefit.  With a slower, smooth swing, the eye can pick up a glimpse of your swing path.  Again the Orange Whip’s main target is swing tempo, so I wouldn’t try to fix swing path with this aid, but it can provide some indication of an out-to-in or in-to-out path.
The Orange Whip also has some published secondary benefits.  The included material and Orange Whip website provide some warm-up exercises recommended to be completed before getting into the full swing.  The exercises not only provide a warm-up, but they also help to increase flexibility, which we all know is very useful in golf.  Each time I have used my Orange Whip, it has been a short 30 min or less session, and every time I have been slightly fatigued at the end.  At just under 2 pounds, the Orange Whip forces you to engage your entire body to control the weight and achieve the desired tempo in your swing.  Although it is winter here in Ohio, I will use the Orange Whip throughout the winter season, and am excited to see the results come spring time.

There are a couple downsides to the Orange Whip.  The first is no secret, the length.  My Orange Whip is the longest version at 47” long.  This makes it very tough to use indoors unless you have at least 9 ft ceilings.  My garage has 9.5 ft ceilings and I have been able to use the Orange Whip without much issue.  This is really only an issue for colder climates, like Ohio, where it can be tough to get outside during certain months.  Luckily though, Orange Whip does provide two other models which are progressively shorter, and could allow better indoor use.

The other downside, is consistent through most training aids, not just the Orange Whip and that’s repetition.  While you will definitely develop a good feeling for proper tempo, you must be careful you are not gaining great tempo for a bad swing.  To guard against this, I have made use of a mirror and/or video.  This has provided me with a simple check against other swing faults creeping in and becoming “comfortable”.

Overall, I have loved having the opportunity to use the Orange Whip, am excited to continue using it, and look forward to seeing full results in the spring. 


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