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Arc Putter Training Aid

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Pros: Simple to install, easy to use, gives instant feedback, can also be used for back swing

Cons: Price

Path2Putt is a simple product and in the training aid world of golf, that is refreshing. Essentially, the aid is a laser that attaches to your putter shaft. It comes with a plastic clip that aligns the laser down the shaft so that the laser dot is just in front of the putter face. From there all you do is find a line and keep the dot on that line. That's all there is to it and you are now swinging on a perfect arc. I tried this aid with my regular 33 inch putter and I was surprised to see that what I thought was inside was really outside of the line. By tracing the line on my carpet a few times I then took the ultimate test...the lined ball. I put the ball on the line and took the putter back with the aid on and made my motion on the ball and watched the ball roll end-over-end indicating a true roll. I went through the same process with my 41.5 inch belly putter with identical results. This was shocking because I know that the long putter favors the arc. Again, the lined ball rolled perfectly. Finally, I attached the laser on a hybrid club and practiced tracing the line until my shaft was parallel to the line with the laser pointing straight back. 


So to wrap this up, a simple laser attached to my club gave me instant feedback about the path of arc putting. I have tried to get that perfect roll before and I am inconsistent at best even after using putting guides. With the Path2Putt, I could feel myself guide the putter back, which gives more feel than a rail. I will continue to use this aid since there is nothing better than watching the ball come off the face with the line tracking perfectly to the hole. There is also a website that gives a full video demonstration at:



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