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PING G15 Irons


Pros: Straight, Long, and Forgiving

Cons: Large club may not appeal to the eye

As a young man I used to golf every now and then and was able to post some decent scores for someone who only played 5-10 times a season (which in Canada is all too short).  I gave up the game for over 20 years and was only recently brought back to the course by my son-in-law.  Much to my chagrin, age and rust brought me to scores more akin to Mensa I.Q.'s.  After playing 10 rounds with old clubs and older bones, my handicap still hovered around 30.  The flat-out worst part of my game was my iron play, hands down.  My love for the game had only grown, despite the poor scores.  Determined to post better scores, I purchased a set of PING G15 irons (4-SW), was fitted for them and was impressed when they arrived in less than a week.  I took them to the local range and was amazed at the ease in which I was able to hit them.  With renewed confidence I took them to a course where my personal-best score was a lofty 106.  I was expecting to do better than 106 but was simply blown away after posting a 90.  These irons performed better than I could have ever expected.  The ease with which they make solid contact just gives the golfer that much more confidence.  I was never "afraid" of making a poor shot, and because of this played that much better.  I would recommend these clubs to anyone who is looking to shave some strokes off the scorecard. 

PING G15 Irons

forgiving easy to hit

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