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PING G20 10.5


Pros: Great design, Good Shaft Options!

Cons: Not Adjustable!

For anyone happy with their swing and not looking to mask it with an adjustable driver this is definetely a great option. Looks great behind the ball, inspires alot of confidence just make sure that you get the correct shaft and grip for your swing and you will be well on the way to long penetrating drives!


Pros: Forgiving

Cons: Closed face

I'm one to buy and sell several drivers during the year and last fall I purchased a G20, 10.5* stiff shaft. My swing speed is 95mph so I'm really between playing a regular or stiff shaft but I normally opt for the stiff for better control. Club feels great in your hand at address and has a nice look, but coming from a Nike VR Pro the slightly closed club face (reason for only 4 stars on esthetics) took some getting used to. With the Nike my misses were split about 50/50 left/right but with the G20 I can basically forget about the right side of the course. My normal shot is a slightly draw (right handed) and my misses are too the left, only when I get real lazy will one ever think about going right.


Good distance on off center hits, especially off the toe. Great driver for someone that might be fighting a slice. Overall a great driver and it will stay in the bag for a while.

PING G20 10.5

Ping G20 10.5 TFC 169D Tour

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