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PING Half Wack-E Putter


Pros: High quality, nice grip, light weight

Cons: Grip feels a little thin

Tried this out while looking for a replacement for my Ping iWi Anser and was very pleasantly surprised! The combination of being face-balanced and the center shaft gives me a much more exact feeling stroke and the ball always starts out on the correct line; a problem I had with the iWi's toe-heaviness.


The grip is soft and tacky which is nice but it feels somehow thinner than I'm used to. Will be getting it regripped and trying out a slightly oversized grip.


I'm 50/50 with the look of the putter to be honest. I like the brushed metal, the face and the shaft connection point, however the back of the head reminds be of something Star Trekky; some type of Klingon weapon.


Although the look isn't ideal the performance is spot-on. Definitely give this one a go.

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PING Half Wack-E Putter

The iN Putter Series elevates both feel and forgiveness to higher levels by introducing new perimeter weighting and insert technologies. To achieve higher moments of inertia, the 10 new models are engineered with center body cut outs which allows weight to be re-distributed to the perimeter for increased stability. The first-of-its-kind nano-nickel technology insert produces a solid sound and feel. Along with proven shapes like the Anser, B60 and Craz-E, the new stainless steel series introduces the Wack-E and 1/2 Wack-E designs which offer added aligment features and higher MOIs.

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