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PING i20 Irons


Pros: Crisp, Pure, Great Feedback, Larger sweet spot than you'd think.

Cons: Not impressed with longer irons

First, I was fit for these on the Ping iN Flight System. Went through about an hour and a half fitting process. Learned alot about how I spin the ball. In the end I was fit for white dot and KBS Tour Steel Shafts +1/2" and I like pretty plain grips so I went with the Ping 703 Grip in Standard. 


I was a 19 handicap before I got these. Dang near overnight, I went to a 10 handicap. Kudos to getting fit! The set came with 3i-U but I have since ordered the matching sand wedge with same set up and even got the matching serial number. Ping Rocks! 


On the course the 7i thru Sandwedge is as good as it gets. Distance control is just about perfect. Sad to say, and it could just be me, but the 6i-3i just don't have the sweetspots that the rest of the set has. I pulled out my old Ping Zings in these irons just to see the difference and I still hit those particular irons better. I know...the Zings are shovels! Not really sure what to do on that. Hybrids? Maybe. A little age may have got the best of me on these clubs. 


Overall, the look at address on the i20's IMHO blows away everything else out there. I just can't say enough about the distance control. 155 yds and in they are pinpoint.


Still thinking about reshafting with some Aerotech Steelfibers 


Pros: on well struck shots the ball goes, good looks

Cons: not the most forgiving irons out there; still for a better ball striker


 These irons are supposed to have moderate forgiveness, and a progressive offset design.  "Moderate" is a very interchangeable word in irons. For some it might be "Why am I hitting a kick ball with a pancake?" Others might find it to be "Oh, God. I'm hitting tennis ball with a ping pong racquet." I fell somewhere in between. The looks were nice. Truly many would consider the topline to be thick, but I actually like it that way. It was still a pretty short length though. You vould describe the iron as stocky. But it wasn't like  K15 thick, or even G20. Simply slightly more than than S56 that's all.


  I was swinging bad, quite bad actually. My weight transfer was horrible, and I kept getting stuck behind the ball. But on good shots which were rare, this 7 iron was hitting 150. Earlier in the fall, that's as far as I hit a CG16 6 iron. Obviously I'm not quite good enough to truly seperate the difference between 150 and 155 in one swing. But I tried too. And I ended up hitting 155. To some of you that might mean terrible distance control. To me that's meansc2_beer.gif because if I can hit a 212 yard drive with my hopefully soon to be Razr Fit driver, then hit an an arrow 145 yard shot with the control of a seven iron, then I can reach so many more holes, epsecially because I'll have to play backer tees this year.er


In closing, I would like to let it be known that out of 3 Player's clubs, MP 53 and 712 AP2, this was the shit.It was longer a 7 iron, definitely more forgiving and looked like I could actually hit it. Plus, I'll never outgrow these irons. Sweet


PING i20 Irons

Performance is optimized in these multi-metal irons through a progressive set design. The long irons are slightly larger, high launching and more forgiving. The smaller short irons feature less offset and provide exceptional control. Distance control and a solid feel come from a thicker hitting area and stabilizing bars in the cavity. A high-density tungsten toe weight provides forgiveness across the face for accurate results and a high-launch, low-spin trajectory. An innovative design gives you complete command of the clubface for controlling trajectory and shot shape. The black-and-silver color scheme and satin-chrome finish with a ferrule offer a clean, professional look. i20™ Iron Specifications Club Length Loft Lie Offset Bounce Swgt. 3 38.75" 21.0° 59.25° .24" 4° D0 4 38.25" 24.0° 60.00° .20" 5° D0 5 37.75" 27.0° 60.75° .17" 6° D0 6 37.25" 30.0° 61.50° .13" 7° D0 7 36.75" 33.0° 62.25° .10" 8° D0 8 36.25" 37.0° 63.00° .08" 9° D0 9 35.75" 41.0° 63.75° .06" 10° D0 PW 35.50" 46.0° 64.00° .05" 12° D2 UW 35.50" 50.0° 64.00° .04" 13° D2 SW 35.25" 54.0° 64.25° .04" 14° D4 LW 35.00" 58.0° 64.50° .03" 13° D6 These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances Lie angle based on Black Color Code at standard length Standard swingweights for graphite-shafted clubs are 1 point lighter than shown GET YOUR IRON SPECS WITH WEB-FIT

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